What is SkinWalker? Witches of the Southwest


What is SkinWalker?

As per the Nav ajo legend, these skinwalkers are witches that have the power to change themselves into the form of deformed wolves like an animal and also in the shape of the bear from their original witch form. They can be male or female. Skinwalker is more focused on frightening the families that belong to the southwest part of America. The ancient story of the skinwalker is not much understood by the people outside Navajo culture, either because they don’t want to discuss this subject with the people outside or the outside people move off from the live experience of Native commentators or when they feel the need to understand. The traditional people of the Navajos are not interested to discuss the skinwalker with those people who they do not trust. 


The behavior of SkinWalker

The reason why they transform themselves into animals is that of traversing people from long distances at a go. Another reason is that they are interested in creating havoc on others so that their identity will not be revealed and can escape suddenly whenever necessary. But when they wish to transform themselves into an animal, they make sure that the skin of that animal is on them. As these witches have a great relationship with animals their taboos are hidden in the Navajo culture and can be rarely seen. They can curse people and also put them to death by causing them to suffer more than ever. It is said that these witches when transformed when being looked into their eyes, that person will die on the spot. They are known to use evil spirits when they want to kill you in certain ceremonies. 

What are their strength and weakness?

  • They can transform themselves into any animal that can be virtually anything. 
  • When turned into an animal, they can run faster which is impossible for one to catch. 
  • They have great power to read what is in the human minds. 
  • SkinWalkers even have the talent to make noise of any human or animal that they wish. 
  • They can disguise the voice of your infant, child, relative, friends, and so on. So that they can bring you out of the house and prey on you, where you will be out of protection and can have a great hold of you. 
  • It is very easy for any human and animal to identify between a real animal and a skinwalker as they are unable to move in the natural way that animals do. 
  • Skinwalkers can only be defeated when they are recognized by others in their human form. This is done only when you have the talent to track them back to their home, which is said in some stories. 
  • It is impossible to kill a skinwalker in its human form. There are certain ways to be protected and even to kill them. 

Certain names and fiction of Skin Walker

  • The novel skinwalker was released in the year 1986 and written by Tony Hillerman.
  • Skinwalker became the villain of the movie Shadowhunter of the year 1993
  • In the movie Thunderhead in the year 1999. The feature of skinwalker was prominent here and the novel on this basis was written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. 
  • A series of Skin Walkers n TV that was based on the novel of Hiller man during the year 2002. 
  • A movie in the name of Skinwalker was run in the year 2007. 
  • A song titled skinwalker appeared in the year 1994 on Robbie Robertson’s album. 

It is a bit scary to know about the creepy creatures that we have not known existed during ancient times. Because of these creatures how many lives are being taken and how many tortures are being made to a person? All these are not possible in this modern time and no one believes that these creatures or even witches and ghosts even exist now. 

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