What is Shabar mantra of Lord Hanuman ?


Many people around the world are unaware of the Shabar Mantra. But those who have it have the ability to transform their lives and attract everything they truly want. The Shabar Mantra that we will tell you about today was first given to Goddess Parvati by Lord Shiva, the Supreme Lord. While he was telling her, he also mentioned the power and benefits of mantras.

A shabar mantra is one that is written in local rural accents and dialects rather than in the traditional yogic language Sanskrit. Most of the mantras present in Hinduism are in Sanskrit, unlike the Shabar mantra, it is chanted in the local language for its meaning and not for the energy of its sound vibrations. Most Sanskrit mantras do not have a direct translation, yet they may have a predetermined meaning.


What are actually these ?

The term “Shabar Mantra” is often used to refer to a collection of mantras that are believed to have been developed or spread by Guru Gorakhnath in earlier days for the benefit of the people. These Shabar mantras are normally believed to have great therapeutic or vital powers. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva developed the shabar mantra for himself. He revealed one of his most amazing abilities to Goddess Parvati.

The most powerful Shabar mantra is of Lord Hanuman

Tuesday is considered very auspicious for devotion to Lord Hanuman. Bajrangbali, who rescues people from troubles, is considered to be the easily pleased god in this era. By worshiping them, good wishes are fulfilled. Although Hanuman Chalisa is the solution to every problem, but by chanting some special mantras on Tuesday, all the bad problems can be resolved.

One of these is Hanuman Shabar Mantra. In the scriptures, it is considered a very powerful mantra, by chanting it results are seen soon, although there are some strict rules for chanting Shabar Mantra, they should be chanted in special circumstances. Let us know Hanuman Shabar Mantra and its importance.

Importance of Shabar Mantra

Mantra sadhana is the spiritual remedy for physical obstacles. There are three types of mantras: Vedic mantra, Tantrik mantra and Shabar mantra. With Shabar Mantra, not only knowledge and salvation but also worldly tasks and accomplishments can be achieved. Shabar Mantra gets the work done instantly, reliably, well and completely.

Guru Matsyendra Nath and his disciple Guru Gorakhnath are called the fathers of Shabar Mantra. The special thing is that Shabar mantras are also used for vashikaran. In such a situation, before reciting Hanuman Shabar Mantra, please get information about its effect from an expert.

Hanuman shabar mantra

हनुमान जाग…. किलकारी मार….. तू हुंकारे…. राम काज सँवारे…. ओढ़ सिंदूर सीता मैया का…. तू प्रहरी राम द्वारे…. मैं बुलाऊँ…, तू अब आ…. राम गीत तू गाता आ….. नहीं आये तो हनुमाना….. श्री राम जी ओर सीता मैया की दुहाई…. शब्द साँचा….. पिंड कांचा…. फुरो मन्त्र ईश्वरोवाचा.

Hanuman Shabar Mantra Chanting Rules

Shabar Hanuman Mantra provides freedom from fear and enemy obstacles. As per rules, special care is taken of purity in this. After bathing, sit in front of the idol of Hanuman ji and chant Shabar Mantra 5 times. This method is done continuously for five days.

It should start on Friday, concluding on Tuesday. When this process is completed, bury the rosary with which you chanted in a deep pit. It is believed that this fulfills a special wish but do not chant it without anyone’s advice.

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