What is Mangal Dosha? How to Remove Manglik Dosha?


Among the Navagrahas, Mars is such a planet that is not only cruel, but every person is also afraid of it. Being the son of the land, Mars is also considered to be the factor of things related to agriculture, but due to being given the name of the commander after the sun among the courageous and new planets. Mars is also considered to be the ruling planet of bravery, courage, and CHIVALRY. Mars is the factor of blood in the body. Therefore, in astrology, Mars is considered to be the planet representing red color. If there is Mangal Dosha in the horoscope, then due to this reason the person may have problems related to marriage, blood-related diseases, and deficiencies in the happiness of land-building.

What is Mangal Dosha?

In relation to Manglik Dosh, it is said in the scriptures:

लग्ने व्यये च पाताले जामित्रे चाष्टमे कुजे।
कन्या भर्तुविनाशाय भर्ता कन्या विनाशकः।।”

Lagne vyaye ch patale jamitre chastme kuje.
Kanya bhartuvinashaya bharta kanya vinashakah.

Manglik dosha occurs when Mars is in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house of a horoscope. This dosha is considered inauspicious for marriage. It is believed that those who have this dosha in their horoscope should find a Manglik life partner.


One or the other obstacle arises in marital relations and many times incidents like death have to be faced. In fact, these types of incidents do happen, but it is not appropriate to attribute Manglik Dosha as the reason behind them. Because apart from Mangal Dosha, there are other doshas in the horoscope, which are generally ignored.

What is Mangal Dosha

Rules for Cancellation of Mangli Dosh:

“तनु धन सुख मदनायुर्लाभ व्ययग: कुजस्तु दाम्पत्यम् I
विघट्यति तद् गृहेशो न विघटयति तुंगमित्रगेहेवा II”

“Tanu Dhan Sukh Madanayurlabh Vyayag: Kujastu Dampatyam.
Vighatyati Tad Grihesho na Vighatyati Tungamitrageheva II”

If there is mutual zodiac friendship in the birth charts of the bride and groom, there is no gana dosha. And if there is a matching of 27 or more Gunas, then Mangal dosha should not be considered.

“कुज दोष वती देया कुजदोषवते किल I
नास्ति दोषों न चानिष्टम् दम्पत्यो: सुखवर्धनम् II”

Kuj dosh vati deya kujdoshvate kil.
Nasti Doshon Na Chanishtam Dampatyo: Sukhvardhanam II”

Mars is in Aries in the first house (Lagna), Scorpio in the fourth house, Pisces in the seventh house, Aquarius in the eighth house, and Sagittarius in the twelfth house, then there is no Manglik Dosha.

“राशिमैत्रं यदा याति गनैक्यं वा यदा भवेत् I
अथवा गुण बाहुल्ये भौम दोषो न विद्यते II”

“Rashimaitran yada yati ganaikyam wa yada bhavet.
Athwa guna bahulye bhaum dosho na vidyate II”

If there is Mangal Dosh in the birth chart, but Saturn is Watching Mars, then Mangal Dosh ends automatically.

It is said that after the 28th year of age, Mangal Dosha ends, but it is not so. Mangal definitely shows its bad effects.

Avoidance is also not a complete solution to Manglik Dosh:

The above remedies also do not solve Manglik Dosh completely. The main example of this is Lord Shri Ramji’s Janam Kundali. In his Kundli, Mars was exalted in the seventh house. If Mars is in the seventh house, there is a malefic effect, and if Mars is exalted, it is avoided. Similarly, Saturn, the lord of the exalted sign, is also exalted in the center. It is located in and Mars is also watched by the exalted Jupiter, yet Ramji was separated from Sitaji.

Remedies for Mangal Dosh:

  1. Special worship of Mangaldev should be done every Tuesday. To please Mangaldev, his favorite things like red lentils, and red clothes should be donated.
  2. Kumkum can be offered on Shivling daily or every Tuesday by those who have Mangal dosh in their horoscope. Along with this, offer red lentils and red roses on the Shivling.
  3. In Mangalnath, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, where there is also the only temple of Mother Earth in India, worship is done to ward off Mangal Dosha. Mars should be worshiped according to the position of Mangal Dosha in one’s magazine or horoscope and according to the advice of a knowledgeable astrologer.
  4. Coral gemstone is also worn for the prevention of Mangal Dosh. The gemstone is worn according to the degree of Mars in the native’s horoscope, according to its strength or degree.
  5. If Mars is debilitated or of a very low degree in the horoscope, then chanting of Mars can also be done for the prevention of Mangal Dosh. For this mantra Om Bhaum Bhaumaya Namah should be recited or according to a knowledgeable astrologer. Apart from this, Tuesday’s fast can also be done. And read things related to Mars can also be donated on Tuesday.
  6. Reciting Sunderkand and Balkand on Tuesday is also beneficial.
  7. Worshiping Hanuman ji by fasting on Tuesday and reciting Hanuman Chalisa and offering vermilion and jasmine oil to Hanuman ji pacifies Mangal Dosha.
  8. Mangal Dosh in the horoscope is resolved through Kumbh/Ghat/Kela or Tulsi marriage and its result is also seen to be auspicious.

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