What is Ekadashi? Benefits of Ekadashi Fast


Benefits of Ekadashi Fast, power of Ekadashi fast, What can be eaten in Ekadashi fast? Is Ekadashi good for health?, What happens when we fast on Ekadashi?

What is Ekadashi?

Ekadashi is the 11th day of the waxing moon and the 11th day of the waning moon. So it comes twice a month because there are two Pakshas in a month each paksha has 15 days. So it comes in Shukla paksha and Krishna paksha. There are 24 Ekadashi in a year.

What is Ekadashi

Importance of Ekadashi

On the day of Ekadashi, we should use all our senses in the service of God. Basically, we have 11 senses, 5 action senses, 5 senses of knowledge, and one our mind. As Ekadash means 11, so on Ekadashi day, we should use these 11 senses in the service of God.

Scientific Aapect Of Ekadashi Fast (Upvaas)

There is a concept in biology that is junk DNA. Junk DNA is DNA that does not contain any coding, That is why scientists who are athe ists say that there is no such thing as God because If there is DNA then there must be some information in it. But some people do not know that junk DNA is also used. After research, it was found that the more junk DNA breaks, the more a person’s life is shorter. When the junk DNA breaks down completely, the person dies. Even though there is no information in junk DNA, its presence determines the age of the person. It has been researched that if someone has to live longer, so the junk DNA that is broken should be less and the division of cells should be less. So the person will not die soon, that is, his health will be good.


People who eat vegetables, fruits, and natural things, the division of cells in their body are less. This means we should eat vegetarian food.
People who eat non-vegetarian food, Due to the high protein content in them, their cell division is faster. So to reduce cell division and avoid excessive breakdown of junk DNA, fasting is very important.
In research, It has been found that if someone fasts for two days in a month, then replication of cells and breakdown of junk DNA in his body is greatly reduced. As Ekadashi also comes twice a month we can fast on both Ekadashi of the Month.

Why is the Ekadashi day for fasting?

In scientific research, it is said that the Tides that come because of the Moon, mostly come on the 11th and 12th day of the Waning Moon and Waxing Moon. As 75% of our body is made up of water, then if we eat sattvic food these days then the emotional Tides will become Sattvic within us. And if we eat tamasic food, then, when Tides comes under the influence of Moon, then tamasic changes will come within us, like anger early, Anxiety, Loneliness, and Depression. It all starts because the person is not taking a sattvic diet.

Religious Aspect (Shastrik Reason)

Once God created a sinful person, which means that whoever commits a sin, will be punished by a sinful person. So once, many voices were coming from Yamraj’s Yampuri, and people were being punished for their sins. At that time heart of God, Vishnu was very sad and his heart rises with compassion that a Divine Personality appears in his heart, and that divine personality was Ekadashi.  God asked that personality who are you, Goddess? 
Then she says, I am your Ekadashi, manifested by your compassion. After that everyone in Yampuri started taking the name of God and because of the mercy of God’s compassion Goddess, all their sins were cut away.

Then the sinful Person tells God that if all sins will be freed, then where will my place be, if you have made me my own, then you will have to give me someplace. Then God said that on the day of Ekadashi you go to the grains, that will be your place. So by consuming grains on the day of Ekadashi, we will also incur those sins which we have not done. That is why on this day we should not consume grains, and it is said that grains keep water in our body, due to which the toxic substances do not come out from our body.

So these were the reason for keeping Ekadashi Fast.

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