What is Christian Demonology? (Demons in Bible)


What is Christian Demonology

Even though many people love to live a life full of happiness and fun, few like going evilly. There will be either three or four in a million who love to study Demons and know what they are and what they do. Christian Demonology is the study of Demons in the aspect of Christianity. They are primarily based on the bible of both new and old testaments, on the interpretations of scriptures, also based on the writings of certain Christian philosophers, and certain legends and traditions that are widely incorporated from other beliefs.

What is Christian Demonology Demons in Bible
Christian Demonology

Does Demonology have anything to do with numbers?

Certain numbers, whether sequential or not, have certain meanings and relations to a person’s life, whether for good reason or bad. It is said that the number 66 6 is meant to be a demonic number and 777 a holy number.
The number 666, in the Bible in the book of Revelation chapter 13 verses 18, is said that the number is related to the beast and also the human number. We all know that humans, are part of carbon-based beings and the carbon atom has the number 6, with 6 neutrons and 6 electrons, as we learn in school during our high school days. So the demonic and human numbers can be derived as 666.
As 7 is meant to be complete having 7 days in a week, 6 is regarded as incomplete. Another reason was also, that on the 7th day God rested after working hard for 6 days and on the 6th day Adam and Eve were created and the fall occurred. So that is why 6 is regarded as a demonic number. Wherever we look, most of the demonic numbers will have 6 in it either twice, thrice, or more.


During the 4th century, it was believed that there lived male and female demons and supported the idea that they had physical relationships and created the other demons, and also with certain human women. Other scholars also supported the idea that they could not reproduce and the number of the demon will always be constant.

What does Christian Demonology say about the look of Demons?

Demons have the right to disguise anyone, even Angels or Human forms. If they want to destroy or kill another life or make another human be a part of them. Sometimes satan, the fallen angel, disguised as an angel of light. Demons do have an end in life, as it depends on their actions and they deserve their punishments which are either death or cruel suffering.
They were also regarded as the ugliest and most monstrous beings by the Christian demonologists. Certain demons have been popularized as animals like goats, serpents, and dragons. By the serpent and dragon, we know that they are made with the mind and soul of doing evil and bringing evil and happiness to see the death of other people.

Certain demons are depicted as having horns and have been mentioned in the book of Revelation. This idea has been associated with the depiction of certain Gods like Moloch, that were described as animals such as bulls and so on.
Great poets like Geoffrey Chaucer decided to describe them in the color green whereas now they are traded as red.

Most dangerous DEMONS


He is a demon that comes by only on Sundays. He is one of them that is in the Christian mythology and focuses on doing anything that creates destruction and degrades. The practices of those places are meant to be holy during the Sabbath days. It is full damage if he gets the possession of a demon and attacks the wrong person. This demon has the possession of one senator.


He is the demon that opens all the locks of evildoers.


The gender of this demon can either be a man or woman. If he appears in a form of a man, he will be old and riding a crocodile. If a woman, she will be as young and very beautiful. The great power of Agares is that it will give you great knowledge of every single language that is present in the world. But the worst part is, she will only teach you the foulest and words that are purely bad, at the least end. She or he will make you well-educated and vile.


This demon is a teacher and greatly instructs you to be rhetorical and the art of interfering with other people’s good talks and life. He is the one who wrote the book ‘ how to win friends and influence people. He does not like pets and he will kill them and better be careful with it if you happen to be with it if someone around you has been possessed by Ronove.

So these were some of the dangerous demons that you have to keep on track of and be careful of. They do not exist but possession can be on any at any time.

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