What is Black Magic? Symptoms and Remedies of Black Magic


Symptoms and Remedies of Black Magic

What is black Magic?

The practice of black magic has been going on for centuries. Even today many people believe in black magic, but is it black magic? Or is this a superstition?

Black magic is a tantra kriya through which a person can harm another person. There are many Tantriks all over the world including India who use this knowledge. Black magic is a secret tantra that is often used to subdue someone and sometimes to win over the enemy. It is said that the person on whom black magic is done loses control over himself. It affects a person’s life mentally, physically and financially.

Effects and symptoms of black magic

  • When someone does black magic on someone, then the behavior of that person starts changing. If you notice sudden changes in any family member, such as his or her unusual or strange behavior, it may indicate evil black magic.
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  • Sometimes it seems that some strange noises are coming from our house, then someone’s evil eye may have fallen on our house. Sometimes people become jealous of you due to which they release dark powers at your house through Tantra.
  • When black magic is done on a person, it affects his family and the work of that person starts getting hampered.
  • If your house’s green plants and basil plants start drying up, then understand that some evil power has entered the house.
  • Sometimes it happens that a member of the house dies and the cause of the illness is not known, and then it becomes clear that that member has been made a victim of black magic.
  • Seeing evil and filth in the dream also indicates harm caused by dark powers.
  • Many times it happens that we do not pay attention to our work and start eliminating our losses; this is also considered to be the effect of black magic.

Remedies of Black Magic

  • Only God can keep us away from dark powers and black magic and save us from them. Yes, black power can be eradicated only by divine power, so take some measures to please the divine power and stay safe from black magic.
  • The god of Kaliyuga is Hanuman ji and No Black magic can face Hanuman Ji’s Divine Power. Hence Recite Hanuman Chalisa loudly every day 3 times because no black magic can enter the house before the divine power of Hanuman.
  • When you go out of the house, tie camphor, alum, and cloves in your hand and keep chanting the name of Hanuman ji in your mind at a deserted place, this will prevent any dark shadow from following you on the way.
  • If you feel that your or your children’s behavior is changing, take a lemon rub it around the head seven times, and throw it out. This will drive away the black eye and dark shadows.
  • Mother Kali has the power to destroy big demons and any human being who worships her. No evil power can wander around him either.
  • Go to the temple every day and offer water to Lord Shankar and bring some water to the house and sprinkle it in the house, by doing this impure winds will not enter the house.
  • Every day, feed roti mixed with jaggery to cows and give roti smeared with oil to black dogs.
  • Donate rice to the poor to drive out dark forces from the house.

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