What is Black Magic and its remedy?


What is Black Magic?

Black magic is a type of magic traditionally performed with the help of supernatural forces or evil forces to fulfill one’s own selfish motives. It is such an evil force or evil energy that has a bad effect on someone, it is a kind of negative vision.
Negative Tantra-Mantra is adopted by those people who are jealous of the success of others. The negativity, envy, greed, disappointment, and frustration in such persons in such a way that they are not able to accept the success, progress, and prosperity of others and they use black magic to take revenge on that person. They feel pleasure by creating problems for him. Black magic is used to harm or hurt another person by performing some special kind of action. The effect of this practice can be seen even in a person sitting thousands of miles away.

Black Magic in Religious Scriptures

In religious scriptures, It is also known as Abhichar, that is, such a tantra-mantra by which negative powers are awakened. The main purpose of black magic i.e. negative tantra-mantra is to drive a person away from that place, to disturb him or to use him under his control, or to destroy him. Although no one knows about their truth. Some people believe that black magic happens and some people consider it as a myth. Now, this can be a subject of research.

Expert Opinion

According to Experts Black magic is nothing but a bunch of energy. Which is sent from one place to another or say it is sent by one person to another person. This can be understood from the Law of Conservation of Energy. According to this “Energy may be transformed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed”. Only its form can be changed into another form. If energy has positive uses, it also has negative uses.

The Atharvaveda of Sanatana Dharma is dedicated to the use of energies only for positive and negative things. You have to understand that energy is just energy, it is neither divine nor demonic. You can make anything out of it – a god or a devil. It is like electricity. Is lightning divine or demonic, good or bad? When it lights up your home, it is divine.

Which Person is easily Affected by Black Magic?

Black Magic is the Virtue of Rahu. Rahu represents Tantric Spiritual Siddhis and Bodyless Spirits.

When Moon is afflicted in the birth chart of a native with any AstroYoga with Rahu, i.e Conjunction or Aspect, or posited in Nakshatras, Ardra, Swati, Shatbhisha. The native is susceptible to Black Magic during the transit of the Moon over natal Rahu, particularly in Mahadasha/Anterdasha of either of these planets.

What is Black Magic and its remedy?

Also, the 8th and the 12th Bhaavas do have a relationship with Black Magic, when Rahu is active in these Bhaavas. Saturn and Venus in any strong AstroYoga give the aptitude to learn Black Magic. When 8th or 12th Bhaavas or their Swamis are associated with them, during their Mahadashas.

The virtue of Black Magic?

It is termed as Abhichaar Karma and has six major virtues –

  1. Maaranam/मारणम्,
  2. Mohanam/मोहनम्,
  3. Vashyam/वश्यम्,
  4. Stambhanam/स्थम्बनम्,
  5. Uchhaatanam/उच्चाटनम्, and
  6. Vidveshanam/विद्वेषणम्, or Shanti/शान्ति

Generally, Spiritualists with awakened Kundalini Shakti possess the Siddhis of Abhichaar Karmas and also counter them.


There are 3 ways to counter Abhichar Karma or Black Magics, to nullify its effects –

  1. Gayatri Mantra Sadhana with Pranayam and including Yajna.
  2. Durga Saptashati Anushthaan, or
  3. RudraAshtadyaayi Paath with Shivlingam Abhishekam.

The best way is to chant either of the following 3 Mantras on a regular basis, every day, during morning and evening Twilight (Sandhya), to ward off any possible evil effects of Graha-Gochar or Abhichar Karma by any Spiritualist. The Mantras are Gayatri, Devi Navaarna, and Mahamrityunjay.

Usually, Abhichar Karma as Spiritual Siddhis are learned under Deeksha given by an adept Spiritualist to the Shishya and the Spiritual Guru also prohibits any misuse of the same. These Siddhis are meant to be used to serve the society at large, Unnecessary public display is also discouraged.

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