What is Astral Travel?


Astral travel is the journeying of the Astral body. It is the movement of the spirit away from the physical body, the astral body going forth to various places. This body is invisible to most people, yet it is the true self. It is the Spiritual body.

Astral tr avel or Astral projection is a type of extrasensory perception that allows the consciousness to leave the physical body and travel to other dimensions and places.


According to theosophy, Astral travel is one of man’s three bodies; it is what we are when we are not in our physical form. For example, someone we loved who left us could still be with us after death if we had astral projection during life and had a strong connection with them.

Is Astral Travel a Science?

Yes. It can be defined as being a branch of an extrasensory perception that is used to gain information by means other than the known five senses. While exploring the dream world, one of the five known senses becomes the sixth sense of man, the extrasensory perception. As a fine veil separates this world and the next, another realm exists between the two, a world is known as the astral world.

Each of the primary senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, together with man’s sixth sense, can be used to explore the astral world. Most of the senses are fully developed in the physical world, but in the astral world, their development is minimal. The only sense that can be developed in the astral world is the sixth sense.

The science of astral travel can be defined as the art or act of projecting or sending a portion of one’s spirit or celestial body to either a specific location or to a different dimension while still physically being in the exact physical location.

What is Astral Travel

Astral Travel is not Imagination

One can live as a conscious entity in the astral world by learning to leave the physical body. Everyone can be aware of the astral world, and the more one studies it, the better one becomes at it.

Astral travel is not an imagination but a genuine state of being. It is well documented by people dating back thousands of years.

People have left the physical body and looked back down at themselves and watched the physical body. They have seen their physical self and even heard what their physical selves were saying. Many people have time traveled and have seen their past or even their future.

Our consciousness is tied to our physical body. This is where we spend the majority of our time. We spend our lives trying to understand how this physical body works.

The Astral World Is More Real Than The Physical

The astral world is authentic, even though it is a different dimension of reality. It is an actual location, more accurate than the physical world. The physical world is a dream that we are all having together. The physical world is an illusion, but the astral world is real.

Many people falsely think that the astral world is a dream created by our minds. This is not true. The astral world is a real place parallel to the physical universe. It manifests a higher dimension where time, space, and karma do not exist.

The astral plane is a mental energy world that exists to connect humans to the higher realms of consciousness. Our astral bodies are also known as our “Mental Bodies”. The astral world is the intermediary that connects us to a more profound truth.

Before Astral Travel, You Must Learn How to Relax. No good traveler would leave without learning how to relax beforehand. Relaxing is very important to let go of your body and move about freely quickly. It can also help make it less painful if you are not used to it. If a traveler tries to astral travel and is not relaxed, it will be much harder to let go of your body.

Physical relaxation is necessary. If you have a hard time calming and relaxing, do some activities that usually relax you. Have a cup of tea, read a book, play a video game, listen to music, or do whatever you use to relax.

Wrap Up

Astral traveling is a beautiful process to enjoy, but it is not something to be rushed. There is a balance to everything. With patience, practice, and a good state of mind, you will soon be able to astral travel in the blink of an eye.

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