What is a Black Hole? (The darkest objects in the Universe)


Few people ever heard or seen about the black hole in Space. They are formed when the core of the stars breaks and also the stars, and that’s how the black hole is born in space. It is when the massive stars have reached the end of their life, that they die. But this core has no strength to hold back the star which later lasts in a break-down. This in turn turns into giving birth to a small black hole.
When this hole has appeared, they start eating up all that is left out in the star, and all this happens in a million seconds. This black hole when appears gives them a realization of what happens to them and later gives them a blast. When this explodes, they give a tremendous amount of energy, and more over the sun produces energy of its lifetime.

Black Hole

A black hole is a part of the space that helps in pulling the force of gravity, that is very strong, that helps in getting the light not to enter where it will not escape. The force of gravity occurs as the matter has been pressed into their tiny spaces. Some of the black holes are dangerous as they end up putting the great stars in danger. As the sunlight or other lights are not able to enter, these black holes are not easily visible. But with the help of space telescopes having special instruments helps in finding black holes.


How do black holes form?

These black holes are considered to have formed in the early Universe. These black holes are also considered to be the most strange thing that ever happened in existence.

Have you ever thought about what will happen if you fall into it?
The stars present are a massive collection of most of the hydrogen atoms. In their core, nuclear fusion crushes the hydrogen atoms made into helium. They in turn release a great amount of energy. This energy then pushes fully against gravity.
As long as this fusion is there lasting in the core the stars that have way more mass than their sun and they have to reach the iron that is present. The iron is being built up at the center of the star. With this, great radiation is being formed between them forming a balance and they explode, as they are not able to hold back the balance between them as per the force. Later the star implodes and is fed between them creating more mass in the core.
At this very moment, all the heavy elements that are being present in the universe are being created and they produce either the neutron star or the entire mass of the core collapses creating a black hole. The size of a giant black hole has great relation to the size and mass of the galaxy.

How do black holes form

Are black holes a threat to Earth?

They are not the holes that are present in the universe all the time. They only follow the gravity law just like other objects that we have learned in schools. The nature of the black hole has a close relation to the solar system in affecting the earth, which has no similarity. If the black hole has the same mass as that of the sun, then they both can replace each other in function. With this earth would not have been born and no man can be visible in it. They would also keep the same level of gravity as that of the sun. The plants would still be rotating around the black hole as they round the sun now.

Are black holes a threat to Earth

Can the sun become a black hole?

The sun does not have that much mass and power to break into a black hole. When it comes to the future, when the sun reaches its end, it would become a red giant star.
When the fuel in them starts to end, they will peel the last layer of theirs and turn themselves into a glowing ring of gas which is called the planetary nebula. In the end, there will be a small star that will give the sun a cooling effect.

Unknown facts about black hole

  • They cannot be seen by human beings directly. They are black as light cannot escape when entered. When we talk about the area of the black hole, their effects can be seen in the environment.
  • Do you know that our Milky Way has a black hole? There is nothing to be panicked about when you hear this, as our earth is never a danger. • These back holes are funky. When a person falls into the black hole, it is said that their time slows down and in relative to the person watching them being slow.
  • They are dangerous only when you get close to them or vice versa. They are safe to be seen when you are far away from them. But when you get too close, they are unlikely to get consumed to eat the whole universe.

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