What is 56 Bhog offered to Laddu Gopal ?


There is great glory in offering food to God. 56 types of dishes are served for them, which is called Chhappan Bhog or 56 Bhog. This offering starts with Rasgulla, goes through curd, rice, puri, papad etc. and ends with cardamom. There are many interesting stories behind the Chhappan Bhog offered to Lord Balakrishna who eats food at eight o’clock.

Yashodaji used to feed Balakrishna eight meals a day

It is said that Yashodaji used to feed Balakrishna eight meals a day, that is, Balakrishna used to eat eight times. When Lord Shri Krishna lifted Govardhan Mountain to save the entire Vraj from the wrath of Indra, the Lord did not eat food or water for seven consecutive days. On the eighth day, when God saw that Indra’s rain had stopped, he asked all the Vrajvasis to get out of Govardhan Mountain.


Then, Nandlal Kanhaiya of Vraj, who used to eat eight meals a day, remained hungry for seven consecutive days, which became very painful for his Vraj residents and Maya Yashoda. Showing her immense devotion towards God, Yashoda ji along with all the Vrajvasis offered 7 x 8 = 56 bhog to child Krishna according to seven days and eight hours.

Gopikas organized 56 Bhog in the form of Udyapan

According to Srimad Bhagwat, the Gopikas not only bathed in the Yamuna early in the morning for a month, but also worshiped Mother Katyayani with the wish that they get Nandakumar as their husband. Shri Krishna agreed to fulfill his wish. To mark the end of the fast and fulfillment of wishes, the Gopikas organized 56 Bhog in the form of Udyapan.

It is also said that in Gaulok, Lord Krishna sits on a divine lotus with Radhika ji. That lotus has three layers. The first layer has “eight”, the second has “sixteen” and the third has “thirty-two petals”. There is a prominent Sakhi on each petal and God sits in the middle. In this way the total number of petals is also fifty-six.

The 56 Bhog are as follows:

  1. Bhaat (Rice)
  2. Soup (Lentil)
  3. Praleh (Cchutney)
  4. Sadika (Curry)
  5. Dadhishakja (curd vegetable curry)
  6. Sikharini (Sikharani)
  7. Awaleh (Sharbat)
  8. Balka (Bati)
  9. Ikshu Kherini (Marmalade)
  10. Trikoni (Sugary)
  11. Batak (Bada)
  12. Madhu shirshak (Mathri)
  13. Fenika (Feni)
  14. Parikasth (Puri)
  15. Shatpatra (Khajala)
  16. Sadhidrak (Ghevar)
  17. Chakram (Malpua)
  18. Childika (Cholla)
  19. Sudhakundalika (Jalebi)
  20. Dhritpur (Mesu)
  21. Vayupur (Rasgulla)
  22. Chandrakala (pagi hui)
  23. Dadhi (Maharaita)
  24. Thuli (Thuli)
  25. Karpoornadi (Longpuri)
  26. Khand Mandal (Khurma)
  27. Godhum (Porridge)
  28. Parikha
  29. Suphaladhya (with fennel)
  30. Dadhirup (Bilsaru)
  31. Modak (Laddus)
  32. Shaak sabji
  33. Soudhan (Adhanau Pickles)
  34. Mandaka (Moth)
  35. Payas (Kheer)
  36. Dadhi (Curd)
  37. Goghrit
  38. Hyangpinam (Butter)
  39. Manduri (Cream)
  40. Kupika (Rabdi)
  41. Papad (Papad)
  42. Shaktika (Sera)
  43. Lasika (Lassi)
  44. Suwat
  45. Sanghay (Mohan)
  46. Suphala (Betel nut)
  47. Sita (Cardamom)
  48. Fruit
  49. Tambul
  50. Mohan Bhog
  51. Lavan
  52. Kashay
  53. Madhur
  54. Tikt
  55. Katu
  56. Amal

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