What do Hindu scriptures say about keeping a dog in the house?


Hindu scriptures say about keeping a dog in the house

Dog owners should keep the following things in mind:

1. Gods do not accept havishya (food) from the one who has a dog in his house.
2. If there is a dog in the house and someone dies, then the things that reach the gods are not accepted by the gods, hence it can be a hindrance to salvation.
3. If the dog touches the sacred thread of the Dwija people, it gets broken; hence, according to religion, Brahmins should not go to the homes of people who keep dogs.
4. There is a law of atonement just by smelling a dog; if the dog smells us, then we become impure.
5. There is no rule to keep a dog in the house of any caste; the dog is suitable to be kept only in the houses of Pratilomaja varna hybrids (a very low caste that even eats dog meat).
Moreover, if other castes keep a dog, then they also attain the same lowliness.
7. The food that falls in the eyes of a dog is no longer edible, and th is is the reason why one should not go to the place where the dog is raised.


All the above-mentioned things are from the scriptures; do not take them otherwise; these are not imaginary.
*The person who argues on this subject should also remember that…* Even Yudhishthir was stopped outside heaven because he had a god when he was at Heaven Gate.

Hindu scriptures say about keeping a dog in the house.

Scriptures regarding not keeping a dog in the house

This is mentioned in the last chapter of Mahaprasthanik/Swargarohan Parva in the Mahabharata, in the dialogue between Indra, Dharmaraja, and Yudhishthir. When Yudhishthir asked why I could not take this dog that had come here with me to heaven, Indra said:’

स्वर्गे लोके श्ववतां नास्ति धिष्ण्य-
मिष्टापूर्त क्रोधवशा हरन्ति ।
ततो विचार्य क्रियतां धर्मराज
त्यज श्वानं नात्र नृशंसमस्ति ॥

Swarge loke shvatam nasti dhishnya
Mishtapurta Haranti due to anger.
Tato considered actions Dharmaraj
Tyaj Shwanam Natra Nrishanmasti ॥

O king, there is no place in heaven for a dog owner Such people are prohibited from entering heaven. The fruits of yagya and virtuous deeds performed in a house where a dog is kept are snatched away by a demon called Krodhavash, and the people of that house who collect whatever virtuous fruits they have done through charity, virtue, self-study, havan, well, stepwell, etc. Whatever happens, all that becomes ineffective just because of the presence and sight of a dog in the house. Hence keeping a dog in the house is prohibited.

It means that a dog should not be kept in the house It has come in the Mahabharata.‒

भिन्नभाण्डं च खट्‌वां च कुक्कुटं शुनकं तथा ।
अप्रशस्तानि सर्वाणि यश्च वृक्षो गृहेरुहः ॥
भिन्नभाण्डे कलिं प्राहुः खट्वायां तु धनक्षयः।
कुक्कुटे शुनके चैव हविर्नाश्नन्ति देवताः
वृक्षमूले ध्रुवं सत्त्वं तस्माद् वृक्ष न रोपयेत् ॥
(Mahabharata, Article 127. 15-16)


“It is not considered good to have broken utensils, broken cots, cocks, dogs, Ashwattha trees, etc. in the house.
Kaliyuga is said to reside in broken utensils.
Having a broken cot leads to a loss of money.
If there is a cock and a dog in the house, God does not accept the Havisya (Offering to God) in that house,
And if there is a big tree (peepal, etc.) inside the house, it becomes mandatory for animals like snakes, scorpions, etc. to live inside its roots; hence, do not plant trees inside the house.

Other Shlok

चाण्डालश्च वराहश्च कुक्कुट: श्वा तथैव च।
रजस्वला च षण्टश्च नेरनश्तो द्विजान् ॥ २
होमे प्रदाने भोज्ये च यदेभिरभिवीक्ष्यते।
दैवे कर्मणि पित्र्ये वा तद्गच्छत्ययथातथम् ॥


The person performing Sarddhashould make such arrangements that no Chandal, pig, cock, dog, menstruating woman, or impotent person can see the Brahmins while eating; Because whatever is seen through them in the work of gods or ancestors is fruitless.

*घ्रानेन सूक्रो हंती पक्ष्वतेन कुक्कुत:*
*श्वा तु द्रिष्ठिनिपातेन स्पर्षनावरवर्नाजः ||*

Meaning: The fruit of the food offered to the devotee is destroyed by the smell of a pig, the breeze of a chicken’s feather, the sight of a dog, and the touch of a low-caste person.

Dogs are extremely impure. His food and drink, his touch, and, his sitting at various places bring impurity to the food and lifestyle of the householder and the result of impurity is also impure (hell, etc.).
What Hindu scriptures say about keeping a dog in the house

The dog should be protected

Dogs should be given food; the dog has the right to a daily meal in the house; this animal should never be tortured; and it should be served from a distance, outside the house, not inside the house. This is the opinion of scripture.
Dogs, crows, and ants are fruitful not inside the house, but outside the house This article is for followers of scriptures and religions. People with modern ideology are not bound to agree or disagree with this.
Cow, and old parents, respectively, came out of the heart, house, and city and reached cow sheds and old age homes. And dogs, from outside the house, reach the heart through the house, sofa, and bed, this is the cultural decline.

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