What are Tarot Cards ?


How to see the future from tarot cards ? After all, how can anyone know the future events by looking at the cards? This should be a question that arises in the mind of every person who is interested in the subject of astrology. Tarot cards were invented in Italy in the 1430s by adding to the existing four-suited pack a fifth suit of 21 specially illustrated cards called trionfi (“triumphs”) and an odd card called il matto (“the fool”).

Knowing the future

Many methods of predicting the future have been described by our sages and ancestors in many books. Some popular styles are very difficult. To get the correct answer, the questioner must provide accurate information. But some styles have simple techniques. Like making a yes or no slip and taking the answer. To get the answer by getting a child to hold one of the two fingers. And get your horoscope analyzed.


Knowing the future based on your date of birth through numerology or neurology. One such method of knowing the future is the Tarot card reading method. In this, a peek into the future is seen through some cards. Let us now know the secret of how cards can be used to peer into the future.

How the future looks in tarot cards ?

We all know and believe this and science has also proved that all substances have energy whether they are alive or dead. Similarly, man is also a form of energy. The environment around us transmits energy within us. And we are attracted towards the same energy which is emitted by the events around us.

How many types of tarot cards are there?

We read these energies through cards and describe their effects. Tarot cards have cards similar to playing cards, with a total number of 72 cards. Of these, 22 are Major Arcana and 50 are Minor Arcana. Just as there are four types of series in playing cards, similarly there are four types of series in cards.

  1. Wands
  2. Cups
  3. Swords
  4. Pentacles

Tarot cards shows predictions like this

We all must have heard stories of kings and queens in our childhood. There is a king, a queen, fairies, angels, demons, and ministers, etc. Just like we used to imagine in childhood, similarly, reading tarot also requires a lot of imagination power. Whenever we take a card, look at it carefully. Hold it in your hand for a while and write about it. Write down what imagination comes to your mind after seeing that card. Do this three to four times. Then see what kind of things come up and what things are similar. On this basis only, you should make predictions from Tarot cards and know the future.

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