What are Pishach ? How a person becomes Pishach ?


In Hindu religion, people who die according to their speed and karma have been divided into – ghost, ghost, Pishach, Pishachini, Kushmanda, Brahmarakshas, Vetal and Kshetrapala. All the above also have sub-parts.

What is a Pishach ?

Pishach is a species living in another dimension which is considered to be a very bad species. Pisach originated from Krodhavasha, daughter of Maharishi Kashyap and Daksh Prajapati.

The creatures that go into the vampire form were also human beings at one time, but after committing fiendish acts and dying, they go into the vampire form.

Who becomes a Pishach ?

The most important reason is untimely death. People who die due to vehicle accident, killing by animals, or sudden death with unfulfilled desires become vampires. Criminal elements also die untimely death and always live in anger and fear, hence they also go into the vampire form.

Effect of pishach

Pisach are a negative energy, they affect living humans. The person on whom the vampire rides prefers to be alone, always feels hungry, loves dirt. Gradually the vampire makes the person sick and crazy.

Karna Pishachini

Karna Pishachini is a wonderful female form filled with immense powers. To get relief from personal, family problems and for vashikaran and hypnotism, this vampire is worshiped. There are many Karna vampires, not just one. When a seeker accomplishes this, a demonic spirit comes into the seeker’s ear and tells him secret things.

This vampirism is proved quickly but it expects the seeker to have complete dedication and utmost faith in this ghost. This ghost/vampire takes the seeker with her to the world of vampires after death. The liberation of these vampire seekers from this world is not possible before the great cataclysm.

Method to call Karna Pishachini

For the worship of Karna Pishachini which lasts for eleven days, make a trident with vermilion with your finger in a brass or bronze plate during the night or day during Choghadiya Muhurta. And then light two lamps of pure cow’s ghee and oil and worship him normally. After that chant the beej mantra of Karna Pishachini 1100 times. By repeating this experiment for a total of 11 days, Karna is proved to be a vampire.

Caution to take

1- This sadhana should be done only under the supervision of a knowledgeable person.

2- This vampire gets angry and punishes even the slightest mistake.

3- Those who worship vampires go to their world. If Karna Pishachini is proven then she will not allow the seeker to attain salvation. She keeps coming to her seeker in disguise.

Attainment of salvation

Only human life is available to attain salvation. That is why the human soul has been called rare. The human body was found in large parts, all the rare texts were sung. Even the gods yearn for human bodies. Even though a Pishach has a desire to be free, she or he neither has a human body nor the resources.

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