What are 16 Arts of Lord Vishnu ?


You all must have heard about the 16 Arts of Lord Vishnu. It is described in Ramayana and Mahabharata that Lord Shri Ram was born with 12 arts of Lord Vishnu and Shri Krishna with 16 arts. Although Shri Hari is infinite in human form he is considered to have a total of 16 arts. Whichever incarnation of his is born with whatever arts he has, is considered to be equal to him. This is the reason why Shri Krishna is called Purnavatar because he was born with all the 16 arts of Shri Hari. Lord Kalki, the last incarnation of Sri Hari, will incarnate with his 4 arts. Just as the moon has 16 arts – Amrit, Manada, Pushp, Pushti, Tushti, Dhruti, Shashani, Chandrika, Kanti, Jyotsna, Shri, Preeti, Angada, Purna and Purnamrit, similarly a human being can have a maximum of 16 arts.


That means Lakshmi. Mother Lakshmi always stays with Shri Hari and whoever has Shri Sampada is prosperous. But opulence does not only mean money. A person should be rich in mind, words, and deeds. The owner of Shri Kala has Lakshmi permanently. Shri Krishna had immense wealth but still, he was a good worker.


Means land. Shri Hari is the master of this universe and the one who has land wealth is the owner of a large land area. The king, and even more so the Chakravarti Samrat, has land wealth. Apart from this, he also can rule. Shri Krishna also expanded his land a lot, first in Mathura and then in Dwarka.



Means fame. The master of fame art is popular and world-famous. Such a person always helps others and achieves fame far and wide through his good deeds. There is no need to tell anything about the fame of Shri Krishna.


Some people’s speech is so loud that they hypnotize people. When such a person talks, everyone remains silent and listens to him. Such people can make anyone agree to anything. Hearing these words, even an angry person gives up his anger. There are many such incidents in Mahabharata where Shri Krishna solves even the biggest disputes with just his words.


Such men are miraculous. Things that are beyond the understanding of the common man are considered miracles. Well, what to say about this art, if not about Shri Krishna? Those who started doing leela as soon as they were born. Despite being a small child, he destroyed big demons. The war of Mahabharata is also full of his Leelas. Despite being unarmed, he led the Pandavas to victory with his Leela.


It means man’s brightness. The face of the master of this art is as bright as the sun, seeing which people forget their senses. The radiance and beauty of Shri Krishna were amazing. Everyone was fascinated by seeing him.


Vidya is the most important art. It is said, “Vidwan Sarvatra Pujyate”, that is, a scholar is worshiped in all places. Shri Krishna got Maharishi Sandipani as his Guru much later but he acquired 64 knowledge in just 64 days. It was his political wisdom that he controlled the horror like Mahabharata so effectively.


Means a person of pure nature. One who does not know deceit and fraud. One who is sinless and who has no evil feelings towards anyone. Shri Krishna was also Vimal, that is, his mind was as pure as Ganga.


Ability to inspire someone. A master of this art can encourage anyone in any situation. Similarly, Shri Krishna encouraged Arjun, who was disappointed and discouraged in the middle of the war, to fight by giving him the knowledge of the Gita.


This means making decisions according to one’s knowledge and situation. Such a person never makes any decision without thinking. He is rational and makes appropriate decisions at the appropriate time at his discretion. Shri Krishna was also wise, which is why he avoided the Mahabharata war as long as possible, but when the time came, he wrote the script of this war.


Means hard-working. A Karmayogi person never relies on luck and advises others to do their work as per their capacity. With his hard work, Shri Krishna not only enriched Mathura but later also Dwarka. And he also gave similar advice to the Pandavas due to which they transformed a region like Khandavprastha into Indraprastha with the help of Shri Krishna.


Yoga is a wonderful art. Due to this, the relationship of a prosperous person is directly connected with God. A person endowed with the art of Yogashakti reaches the pinnacle of spirituality where he can have direct communication with God. Shri Krishna is called Mahayogi.


Means a civilized, polite, and polite person. Such a person would never be proud of anything. Despite all this, he lives like a monk. Shri Krishna also had everything but he did not have even the slightest ego about it


Means one who always speaks the truth, no matter how bitter that truth may be. Those who are truthful do not resort to untruth under any circumstances. Even Shri Krishna had told everyone about its outcome long before the Mahabharata happened.


It not only means having authority but also the influence of a person. People endowed with this art are very effective and have the ability to win even in the most difficult situations. There is no need to tell how much influence Shri Krishna had in his era.


Means doing good to others and the ability to forgive. Such people are forgiving by nature and are always ready for the welfare of others. They do not hesitate in making any kind of sacrifice for human welfare. Shri Krishna is also always helpful to others and is forgiving.

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