Wearing tree roots of nine planets


Since ancient times, there has been a practice of wearing gems for the compatibility of Nine Planets. Rich people wear the costliest gems. But due to increasing the auspicious effect of these gems, their demand has increased even more. But not all people are capable enough to wear the official expensive gems of the planet.

Navgraha trees instead of gems

Since ancient times, our sages had determined the official trees of the planetary zodiac signs by observing their qualities. In earlier times, expensive gems were not available to everyone. Then they used to wear the roots of the tree. Even today some respectable gentlemen adopt the root of the tree instead of gems. Like the gems, the root of the tree also gives complete benefits.

To wear the root of the tree, first of all, you should know the sign of your birth name. And the lord of your zodiac should also know the planet. In the table below, you are given the details of the root of the official tree along with the planet and zodiac sign.


Zodiac – Planet – Tree

  • Aries – Mars – Khadir
  • Taurus – Venus – Gular
  • Gemini – Mercury – Apamarg
  • Cancer – Moon – Palash
  • Leo – Sun – Aak
  • Virgo – Mercury – Apamarg
  • Libra – Venus – Gular
  • Scorpio – Mars – Khadir
  • Sagittarius – Guru – Peepal
  • Capricorn – Shani – Shami
  • Aquarius – Saturn – Shami
  • Pisces – Guru – Peepal

Tree root taking process

If you want to take the root of the tree related to the planet or constellation, one day before the official day of that planet or constellation, that is, if it is Aries or Scorpio, then take it on Monday, one day before Tuesday to wear the root of its lord Mars.

If there is a Gemini or Virgo sign, then on Tuesday, a day before Wednesday, wear the root of its lord Mercury.

If it is Cancer, then on Sunday, a day before Monday, wear the root of its lord Moon.

If it is a Leo sign, then on Saturday, a day before Sunday, wear the root of its lord Sun.

If there is a Sagittarius-Pisces sign, then on Wednesday, a day before Thursday, wear the root of Swami Guru.

If it is Capricorn-Aquarius, then wear the root of its owner Shani, one day before Saturday, on a Friday, go to that tree after seeing the auspicious time and request the tree to wear its root for the peace of your official planet and to get auspicious results.

Say and request it in form of prayer to give you permission for this. After this, on the next day, go to that tree at an auspicious time by taking incense sticks, a pot of water, flowers, prasad, etc. on the day of that planet and offer water with folded hands. Then light incense and offer flowers. After that offer prasad. Then after saluting, dig out its root and take it out. and bring it home.

Rooting mantras

After bringing the root home, sitting on a seat in front of God at an auspicious time, washing it with Panchamrit and Ganges water, showing incense sticks, chanting the mantra of its official planet as much as possible or at least one garland. Then if you want to wear it around your neck, put it in a talisman and if you want to tie it on your hand, then men should sew it in a cloth and tie it on their right hand and women should tie it on their left hand.

Chant the following mantra while wearing –

  • Surya – ॐ घृणि: सूर्याय नमः
  • Chandrama – ॐ चं चन्द्रमसे नमः
  • Mangal – ॐ भौम भौमाय नमः
  • Budh – ॐ बुं बुधाय नमः
  • Guru – ॐ गुं गुरुवे नमः
  • Shukra– ॐ शुं शुक्राय नमः
  • Shani – ॐ शं शनये नमः

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