We all become Ghost after death


In Hindu religion, the people who die according to gati and karma takes form of Ghost called Bhoot, Pret, Pishach, Dakini, Chudhel, Kushmanda, Brahmarakshas, Vetal and Kshetrapal etc yonis. Everyone has to go under Yama. A deity named Aryama is said to be the ruler of the ancestors, who live in the moon. According to vedas, there are 18 types of ghosts.

People who go to the ghost form become invisible and strong. Not all those who die go to this birth and all those who die are invisible, but they are not strong. It depends on the karma and movement of the soul called g ati. Hindus offer sacrifices to their ancestors in Pitru Paksha. This proves that ancestors exist in the form of souls or ghosts. There is a detailed description about ghosts in Garuda Purana. In the Shrimad Bhagwat Purana also there is a description of Dhundhkari becoming a ghost.

We all become Ghost after death

Ghosts of men

Bhoot is the first term or say that when a common man dies, he becomes a ghost first. The Men who die according to gati and karma takes form of Bhoot, Pret, Pishach, Kushmanda, Brahmarakshas, Vetal and Kshetrapal etc yonis.

Ghost of a woman

Though man and woman are a physical division and there is no man and woman in spirit. But one who has the condition of his mind, he gets the same birth. If a soul is living as a woman, then it will wear other yoni while feeling itself as a woman till eternity.

When a woman dies she is known by different names. It is believed that when a pregnant woman or a young woman dies, she becomes a Witch and when a virgin girl dies, she is called a Goddess. The woman who is of bad deeds is called Daayan or Dakini. All of these originate from one’s sins, adultery, premature death or not performing Shraddha.


A person suffering from Bhootadi is identified by the change in his nature and actions. According to the change in different nature, it is known that the person is suffering from which ghost.

Bhoot pida: If a person is possessed by a ghost, he starts talking like a madman. Even though he is a fool, he behaves like a wise man. When angry, he can beat many people at once. His eyes become red and there is always a vibration in the body.

Vampire suffering: A vampire affected person always does bad deeds, like going naked, drinking drain water, eating contaminated food, saying harsh words etc. He is always dirty and his body stinks. He wants solitude. This makes him weak.

Phantom Pain: The person suffering from phantom keeps on screaming and running here and there. He doesn’t listen to anyone. He keeps on talking bad all the time. It does not eat or drink and keeps breathing heavily.

Shakini Pain: Mostly women suffer from Shakini. Such a woman has pain in the whole body and there is pain in her eyes as well. She also faints often. Trembling, crying and shouting become his habit.

Witch Pain: The witch also seems mostly to a woman. Even if such a woman is a vegetarian, she will start eating meat. She spoke less, but kept smiling. When will such a woman do what, there is no trust.

Yaksha Pida: A person suffering from Yaksha starts taking interest in red colour. His voice slows down and his movements quicken. He mostly gestures with his eyes. Its eyes start to look like copper and round.

Brahmarakshas Pain: When a person gets possessed by a Brahmarakshas, such a person becomes very powerful. He always remains silent and lives in discipline. This is called ‘Jinn’. They eat a lot of food and remain sitting or standing in the same position for hours. The life of a person possessed by a jinn is normal. They don’t even bother any member of the house, they just keep busy in their own fun. It is very difficult to remove jinn from one’s body.

All have to become Ghost after death

Similarly, there are many other types of ghosts with different characteristics and goals. You will be surprised to know that after death we all become ghosts. When a person dies, his soul leaves the body. And after that he needs a body immediately. Due to not getting the subtle body immediately, the soul’s lust remains inside the body. And this lust body is a ghost body.

If the soul never gets a subtle body then it cannot take birth again. Because without a subtle body, the soul cannot enter the womb. And ghosts and lusts are those with bodies. If we leave aside the yogis, then for the soul of a common man, the formation of the subtle body takes place within about 10 days. And without a subtle body, the soul cannot go to the other world also. That is why there is a provision to do 12 days Antim sanskar pooja path in India.

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