Was Andhakasura strong enough to defeat his father Lord Shiva?


Hello friends, today we are going to tell all of you about such a fierce monster of Satyuga whose story from its origin till the end has been very mysterious. Friends, we are talking about Andhakasura, the part and parcel son of Lord Shiva and Mother Jagdamba, so friends, let us look in detail at the whole life story of Andhak.

Who was Andhakasura?

According to the Vamana Purana, during the time of Satyuga, Mother Jagdamba, and Lord Shiva used to come for a tour of the earth. Then after reaching the place called today’s Kashi in the earth world, Lord Shiva sits facing east, along with Mother Jagdamba is also nearby and is playing.

How was Andhak born?

Then Mother Jagdamba comes back and closes Lord Shiva’s eyes while playing, due to which darkness engulfs the entire universe. Because the whole universe was deprived of the grace of Lord Shiva. After that Lord Shiva opens his third eye to dispel the darkness for some time so that the whole universe becomes illuminated again. But due to the light of the third eye of Lord Shiva, intense heat starts pervading, due to which Mother Jagdamba starts sweating and a drop of sweat from the hands of Mother Jagdamba falls on the ground.


Andhak was born

From that drop of sweat of Mata Jagdamba, a child was born who was very fierce in appearance and his face was bigger than the body. Mother Jagdamba asks Lord Shiva that whose child is this, then Lord Shiva says that this child originated from my and your sweat that fell on earth, so he is our son. Because of being born in darkness, Lord Shiva names the child Andhak, Mother Jagdamba takes the child with her.

Child turned dark

At the same time, Asuraraj Hiranyaksha was doing penance to Lord Shiva for the desire of a son. After that Lord Shiva being pleased with Hiranyaksha’s penance, he handed over Andhak blindfold to Hiranyaksha. Andhak had now become Andhakasura and demonic and illusory powers had also been absorbed in him. Thereafter, due to Hiranyaksha becoming proud of his power oppressing the gods, and taking the earth to the underworld, Hiranyaksha is killed by the Varaha incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the destroyer of evil.

Andhak becomes Asura

After the end of Hiranyaksha by Lord Vishnu, Andhakasura becomes the king of the demons and as soon as he becomes the king of the demons, he gathers all the demons and attacks all the worlds. Andhakasura with his powerful demonic army conquers all the gods, demons, yakshas, Gandharvas, etc.

After conquering all the three worlds, the thought of marrying a beautiful girl. iIn search of whom Andhakasura, while traveling in heaven, reaches the place of Lord Shiva, where Mata Jagadamba is sitting, Lord Shiva is not present there at that time. Andhakasura gets fascinated by the beauty of Mata Jagadamba. Andhakasura had no idea that Mata Jagadamba and Shiva were his parents.

The war between the Matrikas of Mata Jagadamba and the demonic army of Andhak

After that, Andhakasura started proposing marriage to Mata Jagadamba, on which Mata Jagadamba started smiling. Andhakasura was so fascinated by Mata Jagadamba that he started trying to take her by force with the help of his demonic army. Then Mother Jagadamba created many of her Matrikas and destroyed the entire demonic army of Andhakasura.

Who killed Andhak ? Battle of Lord Shiva and Andhakasura

Seeing the destruction of his entire army, Andhakasura becomes even more angry and as he moves forward to attack Mother Jagadamba, Lord Shiva appears in front of her and a fierce battle begins between Lord Shiva and Andhakasura. Andhakasura gives a tough cover to Lord Shiva because Andhakasura was a part of Mother Jagadamba and Andhakasura had pleased Lord Brahma with his penance and received many boons. The war between Lord Shiva and Andhakasura went on for a long time but in the end, Lord Shiva overpowers Andhakasura and hits Andhakasura in the chest with his trident, lifts him and opens his third eye, and burns it to ashes.

Bhringi was Andhak ?

According to our mythological scriptures, this fact also comes to the fore that when Andhakasura finally realized that Mother Jagadamba and Lord Shiva were his parents, he felt very ashamed and started apologizing to Lord Shiva and Mother Jagadamba. After that, Lord Shiva forgives Andhakasur transforms him into Bhringi, and includes him in his Shivgana.

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