War between Brahma and Vishnu


Many stories related to war have been described in Hindu scriptures. Most people know about the wars described in Mahabharata and Ramayana, but they are also not aware of many such wars which have been described in our Puranas. Readers Today I am going to tell you about one such war described in Shivpuran. The war between Brahma and Vishnu.

Battle between Brahma and Vishnu

According to a story in Shivpuran, one day Lord Vishnu was resting on the bed of Sheshnag with Mother Lakshmi. At the same time Brahma, the creator of the universe, reached him. Due to closed eyes, Lord Vishnu did not know the arrival of Brahma and he Keep sleeping. Brahma ji got angry after seeing this and said to Vishnu ji that even after my arrival you are still sleeping whereas I am your master.

At the same time, Vishnu ji’s eyes opened and he also got angry after hearing such words from the mouth of Brahma ji for himself. But then after calming his mind, he said Brahma ji, O dear, you are welcome and what are you angry about?

Vishnu ji also got angry

After listening to Vishnu ji, Brahma ji said, O Vishnu, I am the protector of the world as well as you. I am respected in the whole world, then how can you insult me?

Then Vishnu ji said – O Brahma, you know very well that the whole universe is included in me. You too were born from my navel lotus and I am your father. That’s why all your statements are false.


As soon as Vishnu ji said this, Brahma ji became even more angry and started calling himself superior. There was a debate over superiority for some time, but after that, both took out their weapons and after that, a fierce war started between the two.

Use of celestial weapons

As soon as the war started, Lord Vishnu started showering arrows on Brahma ji, riding on his vehicle Garur. On the other hand, Brahma ji also started showering arrows on Vishnu ji. In this way, a fierce war broke out between the two. Seeing no effect, Vishnu ji attacked Brahma ji with Maheshwar astra, to avoid which Brahma ji used animal weapons.

The whole universe trembled due to the collision of both weapons. But even after this, the war between the two continued. Seeing no result of the war, all the gods and goddesses got scared and went from heaven to Kailash mountain to meet Lord Shiva.

God reached Shiva for help

After reaching Mount Kailash, the deities told Shiva about the war between Vishnu and Brahma and asked him to stop it somehow. After listening to the deities, Lord Shiva said, “I already know about this war. Both of them are trying to prove themselves superior.” They are waging war in vain. Also said that I will stop this war by going to the war zone.

After this Shiva Ji went towards the battlefield. After reaching there, Lord Shiva took the form of a huge pillar of fire between both of them. Both were surprised to see this and asked each other what it is. Let us find out, After this, both of them decided that the one who finds the end of this pillar first will be considered the best. And both of them set out to find the end of the pillar.

Search for both ends of the pillar of fire

Vishnu ji took the form of a pig and started searching for the root and Brahma ji in the form of a swan started searching for the top end. Many years passed but neither Vishnu ji found the root of that fire pillar nor did Brahma ji find the top end.

Kataki flower helped Brahmaji

Finally, Vishnu ji returned to the battlefield. Seeing Vishnu ji return to the battlefield, Brahma ji also started coming back, then on the way he saw Ketaki flower falling, Brahma ji asked the flower, why are you falling? And where is its upper end?

Then Ketaki’s flower replied I have been falling from the middle of this fire pillar for many years, so I do not know where its top is. Come down with me, whatever Vishnu ji will tell me, you bear my witness in that. Having said this, Brahma ji reached the battlefield with the Ketaki flower where Vishnu was sitting disappointed.

As soon as Brahma reached, Vishnu told him that he could not find its root. Brahma became happy after hearing this and told Vishnu that he had scratched the upper end of the fire pillar and Ketki flower was the testimony of the falsehood. Then Vishnu ji worshiped Brahma considering him superior to himself.

Shiva gave a boon to Vishnu and a curse to Brahmaji and Ketaki flower

Enraged by Brahma’s lie, Shiva immediately returned to his real form. Seeing Shiva, Vishnu stood up and bowed down to him. Seeing this, Shiva said to Vishnu I am pleased with you. You didn’t take support of anyone that’s why you are equally worshipable to me.

And to punish Brahma ji for his arrogance, he created Bhairav and asked Bhairav to cut off the face of Brahma by which he had lied. Hearing this, Vishnu asked Lord Shiva to forgive Brahma ji. Lord Shiva forgave Brahma. But at the same time cursed him that neither anyone would honor him nor he would be worshipped. And Lord Shiva left the Ketaki flower on his neck. He said because of lie Ketaki flower will never be used in his pooja.

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