Voynich Manuscript a 600 year old mysterious book


This world is full of mysteries. Some of these mysteries have been successfully solved by humans, but even today there are some mysteries which are almost impossible to solve. In this series, today we are telling you the story of a book ‘Voynich Manuscript’, which no one has been able to read completely till date.

600 years old

According to historians, this mysterious book is approximately 600 years old. Carbon dating technique has revealed that it was written in the 15th century. However, it is not yet known in which language this book was written. Today, this book is like an unsolved puzzle for historians and scientists.


Named ‘Voynik Manuscript’

This book is named ‘Voynik Manuscript’ after an Italian book dealer Wilfried Voynik. It is believed that he had bought this mysterious book from somewhere in the year 1912.

This book is of 240 pages

The most interesting thing about this book is that pictures of some trees and plants have been made in the book, which do not match with any of the trees and plants present on our earth. It is being speculated that the book used to have many pages, but with time some of its pages started getting damaged. At present only 240 pages are left in it. Nothing specific has been known about this book, but it has definitely been known that some of the words written in the book are in Latin and German. Due to which this book raises many more questions. It is believed that this book has been written in such a way that what is written in it can be kept secret.

6 different parts of this book

By looking at the different types of pictures Voynich Manuscript is divided in 6 different parts. It was estimated that this book ‘Voynich Manuscript’ contains topics related to Biology, Astronomy, Cosmology, Medicine. Information about medicine), herbal knowledge, recipes has been given, but this is only an estimate made so far. No concrete evidence of this has emerged yet.

Due to some reasons this book remains a topic of discussion among people even today. Now what is the secret hidden in this book, only the writer knows what truth he has hidden in this book, which no one has been able to understand till date.

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