Types and Significance of Shiva Abhishek


In Shivpuran, on the question of sages, Lord Shiva himself has explained the importance of Abhishek and said that the one who does Abhishek without all kinds of attachments gets all the wishes. In the scriptures, there is a description of anointing with many types of liquids for the attainment of desire.

Types of Abhishek and benefits

Jal – The stream of water is very dear to Lord Shiva, therefore, on anointing Lord Shiva with pure water, it rains abundantly. By anointing with water, high fever also calms down.

Ganne ka Ras – To get Lakshmi, God should be anointed with sugarcane juice.

Cow milk – Childless people get children after anointing with cow’s milk.

Honey – Sins are destroyed by anointing with honey. Get rid of tuberculosis disease.

Ghee – On anointing with ghee, health comes in life, and progeny increases.

Sarso Tel – Enemies are destroyed by anointing God with mustard oil.

Gangajal – Abhishek is done by the water of pilgrimages for the desire of salvation.

Sandalwood scented perfume – Abhishek of Lord Shiva with sandalwood scented perfume brings purity to thoughts.

Pure sandalwood– The person who anoints Bholenath with pure sandalwood on the day of Mahashivratri, his personality becomes attractive and he gets respect in society.

Pure Saffron – On the day of Mahashivaratri, by anointing Lord Shiva with pure saffron, gentleness starts coming in the person.

Sugar – On the auspicious day of Mahashivratri, Trilonath Shiva Shambhu, the lord of all, is anointed with sugar, then happiness and prosperity increase in life.

Pure curd made from cow’s milk – By anointing Lord Shiva with curd on the Chaturthi Tithi of Falgun month i.e. Mahashivaratri, the seriousness in a person’s nature starts.


What is Rudrabhishek ?

Rudrabhishek is always auspicious and fruitful, but on the occasion of Mahashivaratri, its importance increases manifold. It is told in the Rudrasanhita of Shivpuran that if Rudrabhishek is done on Mahashivaratri, Sawan Monday, and Shivratri, it is especially fruitful. The holy bath of Shivling is done during Rudrabhishek and it is considered to be the most effective and miraculous worship in Sanatan Dharma. By performing Rudrabhishek, Lord Shiva is quickly pleased and removes all the miseries of his devotees.

Ingredients used in Rudrabhishek

Before the consecration of Shivling, check these things once whether all these things are there or not. Cow ghee, sandalwood, betel leaves, incense, flowers, sandalwood, belpatra, camphor, sweets, fruits, honey, curd, fresh milk, nuts, rose water, panchamrit, sugarcane juice, coconut water, sandalwood water for consecration Make proper arrangements for Gangajal, water, betel nut, and coconut, etc. If you want to offer other fragrant things on the Shivling, then take that too and keep it before worship.

Along with this, Shringi (consecration vessel made of cow’s horn) Shringi of brass or other metal is also available in the market. Rudrashtadhyayi’s Ekadashini Rudri’s eleven repetitions are recited. This is called Laghu Rudra. Make arrangements to collect the water flowing from the Shivling and then place it on the altar.

How to perform Rudrabhishek at home ?

First of all, make an earthen Shivling. If there is already Parad Shivling at home then it is even better. Before the beginning of this puja Lord Ganesha is worshipped, then Goddess Parvati, nine planets, Goddess Lakshmi, Mother Earth, Brahmadev, Agnidev, Suryadev, and Ganga Mata are invited and aasan or seats are prepared for them. Are. Shivling is worshiped after offering prasad to all these gods and goddesses by offering roli-akshat and flowers.

  • Keep the Shivling in the north direction at home and the face of the devotee should be towards the east. For Abhishek, first, pour Ganga water in Shringi and start Abhishek, then with that, anoint the Shivling with all the liquids including sugarcane juice, honey, curd, milk i.e. Panchamrit.
  • Keep in mind that while anointing Lord Shiva, keep chanting Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, Shiva Tandav Stotra, Om Namah Shivay, or Rudra Mantra.
  • After this, apply sandalwood paste on the Shivling and then offer betel leaves, betel leaf, betel nuts, etc. to Lord Shiva. After this, the dishes prepared for the enjoyment of Lord Shiva should also be offered on the Shivling.
  • After this, chant the mantra of Lord Shiva 108 times and then perform the aarti of Shivling with the whole family. Collect the water of Abhishek and sprinkle it in the whole house and then give it to everyone to drink. It is believed that by doing this all diseases go away. Keep chanting Shiva mantras throughout the process of Rudrabhishek on Mahashivratri.

How to offer water on Shivling ?

There is a description in Shiv Purana about offering water to Lord Shiva that Devadhidev Shivji is very fond of the water stream. Water should be offered to Shivji every morning in Brahma Muhurta. Therefore, while offering water, keep in mind that offering water to Lord Shiva slowly in the form of a stream along with reciting the mantra. Whatever mantra comes with devotion and faith, while meditating on it, by pouring water on the Shivling, the blessings of Lord Shiva remain forever.

The path of life is easy. There is no fear of premature death. Lord Shiva is very dear to the devotees.The vessel used to offer water to Lord Shiva should be of copper, silver, or gold. Steel or silver utensils should be kept separately for milk, never milk should be put in a copper vessel.

In which direction should we face while offering water to Shivling?

While offering water to Lord Shiva, our face should be towards the north. The direction of Jalhari is always towards the north. So we should stay on the other side of the mouth of the water body. First of all, Ganesh ji’s place is on the right side of Jalhari, so first of all water is offered by reciting the mantra of Ganesh ji. Then on the left side is the place of Kartikeya Ji. Offer water with the mantra of Kartikeya ji. After this, there is a place of Shiva’s daughter Ashok Sundari between the two, offering water there. The circular part of the water carrier is the hand lotus of Mother Parvati. Clean it and offer water there. After this offer water to Shivling.

Offer water to Lord Shiva while sitting or standing ?

Should water be offered to Shivling while standing or should it be offered while sitting? You have to keep in mind that the Shiva family and Shivji are worshiped easily while sitting, then worship should be done while sitting and if Shivji is big then worship should be done standing. The Shivling whose water body touches the earth is a Shakti Shivling. Its water body is the lotus hand of Mother Parvati.

Water should be offered sitting on such a Shivling. Shivling is in the shape of a drum. Whose water body is slightly above the earth. That Shivling is called Vishnu Shivling. Its Jalhari is the palm of Brahma ji, and the shape made under the Jalhari is the palm of Vishnu ji. Water should be offered to stand on such a Shivling. The right leg should be kept forward and the left leg slightly behind. While offering water while standing, both feet should not be kept equal.

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