Types and Benefits of different Shivling


Shiva worship has special importance in Shravan, but let us tell you that there are many types of Shivling made from different types of materials and what benefits we get from worshiping them.

Materials available at home can be transformed in Shivlinga giving different benefits

  • Worship of Shivling made of Mishri (sugar) destroys diseases and gives happiness in all ways.
  • Shivling made by mixing salt in the powder of Sondh, Chilli, and Peepal is done for vashikaran and karma.By worshiping Shiva Linga made of flowers, land, and buildings are attained.
  • Worshiping Shivling made of flour by mixing barley, wheat, and rice in equal parts, brings happiness, prosperity, and benefits to the family and protects against diseases.
  • Keeping any fruit like Shivling and worshiping gives better fruits in the fruit garden.
  • Desired achievements are achieved by worshiping the Shiva Linga made from the ashes of Yagya.
  • If a bamboo sprout is cut like a Shivling and worshiped, the progeny increases.
  • After squeezing the curd in a cloth, the Shivling which is made from it, worshiping it gives all the happiness and wealth.
  • By pasting grains in a Shivling made of jaggery and making a Shivling and worshiping it, agricultural production increases.
  • Salvation is achieved by Rudrabhishek of Shivling made of Amla.
  • Worshiping Shivling made of camphor gives spiritual progress and liberation.
  • If Durva is kneaded in the shape of Shivling and worshiped, the fear of untimely death goes away.
  • By worshiping the Shivlinga of rhinestones, a person can fulfill all his desired wishes.
  • Worship of Shivlinga made of pearl increases the fortune of a woman.
  • Worshiping the golden Shivlinga increases all happiness and prosperity.
  • Worshiping a Shivling made of silver increases wealth.
  • Shivling made of Peepal wood removes poverty.
  • Shivling made of Garlic gives victory by destroying the enemies.
  • Worship of Bibar’s Shivlinga made of clay protects from poisonous creatures.

Parthiv Shivlinga is best

According to Shivpuran, Parthiv Shivlinga has special importance in Kalyug. It is said that for any devotee who worships the earthly Shivlinga and performs Rudrabhishek by making a Shivlinga of clay, all his wishes are fulfilled.

How to make clay Shivlinga ?

Let us tell you that Shivlinga made of clay is called Parthiv Shivlinga. Shivlinga of clay is made by mixing cow dung, jaggery, butter, ashes, clay, and Ganges water. While making Parthiv Shivlinga, mix all these things in one and then make it by mixing Ganga water. Keep in mind that while making Shivlinga of clay, use holy soil. Try to take the soil of a vine tree or smooth soil.

Height of shivlinga

While making Shivlinga, keep in mind that it should not be bigger than 12 grapes and should not be smaller than the thumb. With this, you can also get a special Rudrabhishek done.

Importance of Parthiv Shivlinga

According to Shiv Mahapuran, by worshiping Parthiv Shivling, all wishes are fulfilled and sufferings are removed and happiness, prosperity, and the birth of a son are achieved. In Kalyug, for attaining salvation and for fulfilling all the wishes of a person, Shivlinga made of clay has been said to be the best. It is said that any devotee who makes a Shivlinga of clay and worships the earthly Shivlings and performs Rudrabhishek, all his wishes are fulfilled, and special fruits are obtained. Parthiv Shivlings has special importance in Shivpuran.

Best of four Shivling

Pardeshwar Shivlinga

Mercury itself has been called the form of Shiva, therefore the worship of Shivlinga made of mercury is considered the best. It is said in the scriptures that a person who sees the Parad Shivlinga and remembers it with devotion, is freed from the sins of many births and he gets the ultimate virtue. According to Rasa Ratnakar Granth, installing Parad Shivlinga in the house and visiting it regularly is the one who gets rid of all problems and fulfills the wishes.

The person who accepts the water offered on the Parad Shivlinga remains free from all sorrows and remains healthy. By worshiping Parad Shivlinga, inexhaustible Lakshmi is attained. Shivlinga of Parad is very fruitful for getting wealth grains and removing money-money problems. Because it is a liquid even though it is in the form of a solid metal. That’s why it is also called Rasraj. It is made by melting mercury and making it solid through other processes.

Crystal Shivlinga

Crystal Shivlinga is white, transparent, and shiny like glass. In the house where rhinestone Shivlinga is installed, no disease or problem comes there. Worship and worship of rhinestone Shivlinga is going to give all the good fortune. By worshiping this Shivlinga, poverty, grief, and disease end and Lakshmi resides in her full form.

Types and Benefits of different Shivling

Narmadeshwar Shivlinga

The naturally made Shivlinga obtained from the river Narmada is called Narmadeshwar Shivling. It has been called Swayambhu and Chaitanya. The house where the Narmadeshwar Shivlinga is installed is considered extremely fortunate.

Types and Benefits of different Shivling

Fulfill your wishes in this way by making Shivlinga with different materials


It is made from two parts musk, four parts sandalwood, and three parts kumkum.


Made of various solar flowers, they are worshiped to benefit the lordship of the earth.


By making a Shivlinga from the cow dung of clean Kapil Varna and worshiping it, one gets wealth. The use of cow dung fallen at an impure place is prohibited.


The one who worships Shivlinga made of sand gets Vidyadharatva and then Shivsayujya.


By making a Shivlinga made of barley, wheat, and rice flour, they worship it for Sripushti and the birth of a son.


This Shivlinga is made from a mason, and worshiping it gives health benefits.


This Shivlinga is made by mixing hartal, and trikatu in salt. This leads to the best type of vashikaran.


This Shivlinga is made by grinding sesame seeds into its powder, it proves the desire.


This Shivling is all-fruitful and Gudotthaling is love-increasing and Sugarmayling is pleasant.


The linga made from bamboo shoots is Vanshkar.

Dhanyaj Shivlinga

Dhanyaprada Phalottha Shivlinga is fruitful, Dhatriphaljat Shivling is free and Navneetaj Shivling gives fame and fortune.

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