Try these Mudras For Your Health Benefits

Try these Mudras For Your Health Benefits

We use Mudras while Dancing, doing yoga, or sometimes while doing Pooja or rituals as well. Did you know that Mudras hold deep power and have so many health benefits? That’s one of the reasons we perform mudras to gain energy during these activities.

In this article, you will know the different mudras and their benefits. So read this till the end…

1. Chin Mudra

chin mudra
Chin Mudra

This is perhaps one of the most basic mudras we use while meditating. It is simple, You need to touch the tip of your index finger to the floor of your thumb, while the other fingers are left outward.

Perform this for 10 – 15 mins a day in a silent room while chanting “Om”. This mudra helps in strengthening memory, increases focus with reduced headaches and anger management.

2. Chinmaya Mudra

Chinmaya Mudra

This is different from Chin Mudra, here the tip of your index finger touches the thumb’s tip and the other three fingers fold inwards into your palm.

Practicing this mudra in a day helps with Stomach related benefits, Like Aiding in Digestion and other stomach-related problems. It also Enhances energy flowing through the body.

3. Vayu Mudra

vayu mudra
Vaayu Mudra

For this mudra, you need to fold your index finger and place your thumb securely over the index finger

. As shown in the image above… The other three fingers are extended outwards( middle finger, ring, and little finger)

This mudra helps in Curing joint pains, acidity, stomach ulcers, and constipation.

4. Shunya Mudra

Try these Mudras For Your Health Benefits
Shunya Mudra

For this, you need to fold your middle finger inwards and then secure it over your thumb finger, where the other fingers (extended)

Besides, Doing this for 20 mins – helps with ear-related problems, like deafness, ear pain, or infection, and cures throat pains and infections too!

5. Surya Mudra

Try these Mudras For Your Health Benefits
Surya Mudra

(People often get confused between Shunya mudra and Surya mudra) In this mudra, your ring finger is placed inwards towards the palm and is secure with the ring finger on the top.

Do this when you feel cold, for example- You’ve traveled to a cold place in winter. This mudra helps to bring your body temperature to normal and cures Tuberculosis, asthma, and Various types of flu.

6. Apana Mudra

Try these Mudras For Your Health Benefits
Apana Mudra

Undoubtedly, This is one of the most common mudras you’ve seen and heard too. For this mudra, you need to get your thumb, middle, and ring finger together, as shown in the figure above. Rest other two fingers( Little and index) are left extended.

This mudra mainly helps in constipation, removes dental pains, and relieves gas. Additionally, controls diabetes, and also maintains Blood pressure levels.

7. Prana Mudra

Try these Mudras For Your Health Benefits
Prana Mudra

Firstly, the tip of the ring and little finger touches the tip of the thumb. Then the other middle and index fingers are left to extend.

Additionally, this helps in controlling hiccups, purifies our body, invokes positive energy, and also helps with digestion.

8) Buddhi Mudra

Try these Mudras For Your Health Benefits
Buddhi Mudra

The tip of the little finger touches the tip of the thumb finger and the three center fingers are left outwards. Clearly, as the name suggests this mudra deals with the brain.

Doing this for 10 mins A day – Promotes Intuition, Sharpens your Intellect, Used to treat Brain disorders and Anxiety, Depression, and Nervousness.

9. Varun Mudra

Try these Mudras For Your Health Benefits
Varun Mudra

This is very similar to the Buddhi Mudra, but in this, You fold your little finger and place your thumb finger over the little finger and secure it.

This mudra helps in osteoarthritis, anemia, and blood disorders, help to reduce bloating in the stomach, and additionally aids in Tongue and taste disorders.

10. Adi Mudra

Try these Mudras For Your Health Benefits
Adi Mudra

This mudra is one of the easiest to perform, You need to fold your thumb towards your palm and fold the remaining four fingers over your thumb.

Firstly, Doing this mudra helps in increasing oxygen capacity in your body, moreover, energizes you completely, and expands the lungs and chest as well.

11. Merudanda Mudra

Try these Mudras For Your Health Benefits
Merudanda Mudra

You could probably try doing this mudra couple of times in a day by giving a thumbs up to whoever makes you happy or appreciate someone with Gratitude! Besides, It’s pretty simple, leave your thumb facing outwards and fold the four other fingers inwards to your palm.

This mudra is great for the Spine, as it removes all the blockage in your spinal cord, and aids Backpains and abdominal pains as well. Additionally, This is a great way to relieve your back strains and relax.

12. Linga Mudra

linga mudra
Linga Mudra

This mudra might seem complicated, but it’s easy. You need to interlock all your fingers to each other in both hands and leave the Left Hand- Thumb Open and outward between the right thumb and index finger.

This mudra helps in the regulation of menstrual flow, increases sexual abilities, leads to healthy reproductory organs, and gives good sleep with immunity.

13. Dhyana Mudra

dhyana mudra
Dhyana Mudra

This is a common mudra when you see Buddha or a representation of Him. For this, you place your right hand over your left hand and touch the tips of both your thumbs together.

This mudra is used to focus when you are meditating as the word says “dhyana”. Secondly, Helps in gaining spiritual energy and brings balance to all five elements. Additionally, This also helps in the process of awakening.

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