Totka and Mantra to win a court case


Totka and Mantra to win a court case

How to win the case does not depend only on the lawyer. You can win a Court case even by following small measures given in astrology.

If any Court case is going on you and you are afraid of losing it or you have somehow been defeated but you want to turn it into your victory by taking it to the higher court, then with some tricks you can win the Case and you will get Desire.

Totka and Mantra to win a court case

There are many Tricks and Totke in Astrology, By doing this you can easily win a court case.

1) If any Court case is going on you, then to strengthen your case, whenever you go to the court, before that, go to a Hanuman temple, offer laddus and gram to Hanuman ji, and recite Hanuman Chalisa and Bajrang Baan 3 times each. Pray to Hanuman ji for victory in the case, you will get victory and Sankat Mochan will end all your troubles.

2) When you leave home for the hearing, take a handful of unbroken white rice with you and throw the rice on the right side of the courtroom where the hearing is taking place. Remember that while doing this no one should see you, with this trick you will win the case.

3. If your case is going on and your enemy’s side is very strong, then one night, mix a handful of sugar in a handful of sesame seeds and pour it in a deserted place or at a crossroads and pray for your victory over the enemy and come back home. But remember that you should not look back when coming from that place. In a few days, you will see that gradually your opponent will become weak in the case and you will win.

Other Totke

Hatha Jodi Totka

If you have lost courage, your patience has failed, there is a fear of the witness turning hostile or you feel doubtful about the competence of your lawyer. While going to the court, carry a pair of Hatha Jodi with you, Remember, apply a little vermillion on the Hatha Jodi pair.

Lemon and clove totka

Take a yellow lemon bury four cloves on its four corners and pray to your family deity and Ishta Dev for success in the case. Keep that lemon should be with you while going to the court.

Bhojpatra Totka

On Tuesday, Thursday, or Amavasya, buy unbroken Bhojpatra then write the name of the person against whom you are being sued, with red sandalwood using pomegranate wood and after writing, dip it in a bottle of honey and keep it. With this trick, the heart of your enemy will change against you and he will withdraw the case.

Gomti Chakras Totka/Tantra

Before you go to the court, put 4 Gomti Chakras at the place of worship at home and worship them and when you start going to the court, put those Gomti Chakras in your right pocket, you will see that the decision will be in your favor and you will get the victory.

Mantra to win a court case

To get victory in the ongoing case, before going to court, you should bathe, clean yourself, spread the mat, and chant the below mantras 101 times. If you pray for your victory after chanting the below mantra, you will win the case.

Mantra to win a court case-

हे चक्रधरः हे चक्रपाणिनः
हे चक्रायुधधारीयः नमोह नमः

O Chakradhar O Chakrapanin
Hey Chakrayudhadhariyah Namoh Namah

If you want to win a case, then in Trayodashi, Punarvasu Nakshatra, you should sit in a quiet place and chant the mantra below with a coral rosary to prove it. By chanting that proven mantra seven times during the court proceedings, you will win the case.

Mantra to win a court case

ॐ क्रहः क्रां क्रां धूम्रसारीहः बदाक्षं विजयति जयति ओंमः स्वाहः

Om Krah Kraam Kraam Dhumarsarih Bdaksham Vijyaati Jayati Omha Swaha

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