Tirupati Balaji is poor even after being the richest


If seen based on wealth, at present the richest Lord is Tiupati Balaji. According to a figure, the Balaji Temple Trust has assets worth more than 50 thousand crores. But even after being so rich, Balaji is poorer than all the gods.

Balaji is poor even after being rich

You must be thinking that how can God be poor even after having so much money? And the second question may also arise in your mind that the one who fulfills everyone’s wishes, how can he be poor?

But there is such an ancient legend about Tirupati Balaji according to which Balaji will remain in debt till the end of Kali Yuga. Devotees here donate gold and precious metals and money to repay the debt owed to Balaji.


According to the scriptures, no matter how much money a person who is in debt has, he remains poor. According to this rule, it is believed that Balaji is poor even though he is rich.

Why is Tirupati Balaji drowned in debt?

According to an ancient story, once Maharishi Bhrigu came to Vaikunth and as soon as he came, he kicked Lord Vishnu’s chest lying on the rest bed in Yoga Nidra. Lord Vishnu immediately took hold of Bhrigu’s feet and started asking whether Rishivar’s leg was hurt.

Lord Vishnu had so much to say that sage Bhrigu folded both hands and said, Lord, you are the most tolerant deity, therefore you are the chief officer of the yagya part. But Goddess Lakshmi did not like this behavior of Bhrigu Rishi and she became angry with Vishnu. The displeasure was because why God did not punish Bhrigu Rishi.

In anger, Goddess Lakshmi left Vaikunth and went away. When Lord Vishnu started searching for Goddess Lakshmi, they came to know that the Goddess had taken birth on earth as a girl named Padmavati. Lord Vishnu also changed his form then and reached near Padmavati. The Lord proposed marriage to Padmavati, which was accepted by the Goddess.

But the question came to the fore from where the money would come for the marriage.

And this is how Balaji is getting rich

To solve the problem, Vishnu ji took a lot of money loan from Kuber keeping Lord Shiva and Brahma ji as witnesses. Venkatesh form of Lord Vishnu and Ansh Padmavati of Goddess Lakshmi got married with this loan.

While taking the loan from Kuber, the Lord had promised that he would repay all his loans by the end of Kali Yuga. He will continue to pay the interest till the loan is repaid. Due to this belief that God is in debt, devotees offer a large amount of wealth so that God becomes debt free. Due to the donations received from the devotees, today this temple has become the owner of property worth about 50 thousand crores.

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