The unseen secrets of the Jinn and their world


The word Jinn brings to mind Aladdin and his magic lamp. In childhood, this cartoon program related to Jinn or Genie was very popular among children. The word Jinn is derived from the Arabic language in which Jinnat and Jini are famous. Jinn are said to be made of an element like fire and their strength is many times more than that of a normal Betal. It is said that Jinn or Jinnat come in the category of wandering spirits and are very angry.

Secrets of Jinn

Often a heard place or heard mansion is their abode. Jinns love white color and food. Let’s talk about the secret of the jinn and their world, from which we are still untouched. The secret of Jinn and their world Jinn is a word taken from the Arabic language because first of all the existence of Jinn was realized in Arabic countries only. The meaning of this word is similar to the concept of angels in the English language, which means supernatural and inv isible.


According to the Quran, the origin of the jinn is from the winds, it can be said that the jinn is related to the negative or positive upper winds. According to the beliefs of Islam, a person becomes a jinn after death and leaves the world 1000 to 8000 years after fulfilling any of his wishes. It is believed that the secret of jinn and their world is still hidden from us humans. They live parallel to our world but live apart from our world. He does not like the interference of other people in any of his matters.

Depictions in different religions as spirits

Irrespective of religion, the truth is that all religions believe in supernatural forces in their way. Everyone believes in God, Allah, Jesus, etc. But just as we are surrounded by true and good forces, in the same way, some evil forces are always trying to harm us. He is known by different names in every religion. Even today the secret of Jinn and his world has not been properly disclosed among the people. In Hinduism, they accept the existence of spirits, ghosts and vampires, Christian accepts as devils or spirits, and in Islam, they believe in existence of Jinns.

Types of Jinn

Not all species of jinn are the same. Some jinn are friendly with humans and are interested in helping but, socializing with some species can be dangerous for us.

Marid Jinn

The most dangerous and powerful species of jinn is Marid. You must have heard them many times in stories. This genie was also included in the popular story Aladdin Ka Chirag. They can be found in the sea or open water. It can also be seen flying in the air.

Ifrit jinn

The mystery of the Ifrit jinn and their world is parallel to the human world. Like the human world, there is also a world of Ifrit jinn in which both male and female Ifrit live together. They have the power to understand human beings and very quickly make humans their friends. Ifrit is good and bad as well, but believing them can prove fatal.

Sila Jinn

There is only female jinn in the Sila species who are very attractive to see. Despite being away from the human world, many such cases have come to the fore in which the jinn of the Sila species live together with humans. She wanders in the human world but also keeps her distance from them. Sila is not seen much but she is mentally strong and very intelligent

Ghoul jinn

This species that eats human flesh is very dangerous. They live near the cemetery. Their behavior is cruel and similar to the devil, that’s why they are very frightening to humans. A film has been made on this which you can see. There is a different process to summon the ghoul. Ghouls usually live in places like Shamsan. It is famous about him that he can take the form of the person whose flesh he tastes.

Vetal Jinn

There are vampires, they live only on the blood of humans. It is believed that the species of Jinnato work together with humans. She helps them and gets some gifts in return. This Vetal was mentioned in the stories of Vikram Vetal. He can see the future and go into the past whenever he wants. It is believed that these jinns protect the person who proves them and also inform them about the impending danger.

Always beware of them

Many people have the intention of proving the jinn to get them to do the desired work and they set out to prove the jinn. But they do not realize how dangerous it is to achieve any achievement with bad intentions. Such people either bring down themselves or become trouble for others.

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