Parvati said to his parents, I will get the desired husband (for me) or throw this body away. If the desired object is impossible to obtain, how can it be obtained without repentance?
Therefore, I will dry up my physical body through different types of restrictions. “If you both have kindness toward me, allow me this.”

On hearing these words, Parvati’s mother and father said to that auspicious (girl), “U-MA (‘Oh, don’t do it)! Oh excessively fragile daughter, your body is unable to withstand the pain nor the severity of penitence.

Oh, gentle-looking girl, future events and objects cannot be avoided at any time. Though man may not desire them, future events will take place. Therefore, O girl, no purpose will be served by penance.”.

Sri Devi replied:

My opinion is that this statement of yours is not correct. It is not only through destiny that objects are reached. A man acquires fruit partly by fate, partly by force (efforts), and partly as a natural sequence. There is no middle quarter (for fruit acquisition).

Brahma is said to have acquired the status of Brahma by the power of penitence. I do not wish to tell what has been acquired by others. If the desired thing is not achieved through the body, which is unstable (i.e. perishable), the fool will regret it later when the body falls (i.e., laziness).

This is the nature of this body. Born somewhere and dies somewhere else. In some cases, it dies in the womb, and In other cases, it dies after birth. Dies in childhood, young or old age. What good is this volatile body, if one does not achieve one’s purpose?

Penance of Parvati

After saying this, Parvati headed to the top of the Himalayas, the sacred peak of many miracles and mysteries. She was accompanied by her friends and was looked at with tears by her parents.
There, the daughter of the Mountain (Parvati) got rid of her (costs) clothes and ornaments. He clothed himself with clothes of divine bark and performed penitence with great restraint.

Installing Ishvara, the Lord (Shiva) in His heart and enthusiastically reciting the Pranava (i.e. Omkara – OM), Parvati became somebody worthy of being honored even by the wise.

She used to take baths three times a day. For one hundred years She ate only one leaf of Patala (tree of trumpet flower).
And For another hundred years, She only ate a wilted Bilva leaf. For another hundred years, it drank only water and for another hundred years, it lived only on air.
From then on, practicing restrictions, She stood up on his big toes. SHe was then left without any food.

How Mahadev Appear

Then, upon seeing the Universe energized (burning) by His penitence, Hara (Mahadeva) personally came to Her in the guise of a Brahmacharini.


Hail Goddess Shakti Parvati, salutations to you
Hail to the Almighty.
Om Paravatiji Namaha
Om Devi Brahmacharinayai Namah

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