The journey of Pandavas to heaven


After the end of the Mahabharata war, all the Pandavas went to heaven in their bodies. Heaven means in some region of the Himalayas where Indradi’s kingdom was. When the five Pandavas were making their arduous journey to heaven by handing over their kingdom to Parikshit, Draupadi also went with them on this journey. Everyone wanted to reach heaven physically. But something happened on the way that one by one the Pandavas fell and died.

Fall of Draupadi

During the journey, when the Pandavas reached Badrinath and proceeded from there, it became difficult for Draupadi to cross the river at the origin of the Saraswati river. At such time, Bhima picked up a big rock and threw it in the middle of the river. Draupadi crossed the Saraswati River by walking on this rock. It is said that even today this rock can be seen at the origin of Saraswati in Mana village. It is currently called Bhim Pul.

According to the story of Mahabharata, the five Pandavas, Draupadi, and a dog started walking ahead. Draupadi stumbled at one place and fell. Seeing Draupadi falling, Bhima asked Yudhishthira if Draupadi had never committed any sin, then what was the reason that she fell? Yudhishthira said – Draupadi loved Arjuna more than all of us. That’s why it happened to her. Having said this, Yudhishthira went ahead without seeing Draupadi.


Sahdev falls

According to legend, during the journey to heaven, Draupadi started walking with the support of Bhima, but Draupadi could not walk far and she also started falling. At such a time, Bhima took care of Draupadi. At that time Draupadi said- Bhima has loved me the most among all the brothers and I would like to become Bhima’s wife again in the next birth. After a while, Sahdev also fell. Then Bhima asked why Sahdev fell. Yudhishthir said – Sahdev did not consider anyone as a scholar like him, and because of this fault, he had to fall.

Nakula and Arjun also falls

After some time Nakula also fell. When asked by Bhima, Yudhishthira told that Nakula was very proud of his appearance. That’s why it has achieved this speed today. After a while, Arjun also fell. Yudhishthira said to Bhima – Arjuna was proud of his bravery. Arjun had said that he would destroy the enemies in a single day, but could not do so. It is because of his pride that Arjuna has become like this today.

Bhim falls at last

Having said this, Yudhishthira went ahead. After walking a little further, Bhim also fell. Then Bhima asked Yudhishthira the reason for this while falling, then he told that you used to eat a lot and used to show his strength falsely. That’s why you had to fall on the ground today. Saying this, Yudhishthira went ahead. Only that dog kept walking with them.

Yudhishthira reach heaven alive

Yudhishthira had gone only a short distance when Devraj Indra himself came with his chariot to take him to heaven. Then Yudhishthira said to Indra, that my brother and Draupadi have fallen on the way. They should also go with us, please make such arrangements. Then Indra said that all of them have already reached heaven by leaving their bodies but they will go to heaven physically.

After listening to Indra, Yudhishthira said that this dog will also go with him but Indra refused to do so. Even after explaining for a long time, when Yudhishthira did not agree to go to heaven without that dog, Yamraj appeared in his real form in the form of a dog. Yamraj was happy to see Yudhishthira established in his religion. After this, Indra and Yudhishthira left for heaven by sitting in the chariot.

Last journey of Pandavas

According to the information, Kaliyuga started at midnight on the same day Shri Krishnaji returned to heaven. Yudhishthira crowns his great-grandson Parikshit after getting information about Krishna’s departure from Ved Vyas ji. Then along with all his brothers and Draupadi went towards the Himalayas. According to the Mahabharata, they go to heaven from the Himalayas and are guided by Yamadev in the form of a dog on this journey. As all the Pandavas climb up the Himalayas, they fall one by one and The soul starts leaving his body. The sequence begins with Draupadi and ends with the death of Bhima.

Real cause of death

The causes of his death are related to his desires, aspirations, and troubles caused by his pride. It was only Yudhishthira who did not take pride in anything. That is why only they reach the gateway of heaven atop the Himalayas alive. At the gateway of heaven, Lord Yama sheds his dog form and transforms Yudhishthira into hell before allowing him to enter heaven. In hell, Yudhishthira sees his brothers and Draupadi confessing their sins, so he absolves them of their sins. After this Lord Indra takes Yudhishthira to heaven and promises him that his brother and Draupadi will also take place in heaven soon.

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