The fire-breathing river Vaitarani is the path between death and hell


Garun Purana is one of the 18 Puranas in Hinduism. In which the dialogue between Lord Vishnu and the bird king Garun is described in detail. Many methods, rules, rituals, etc. related to Sanatan Dharma have been explained in Garun Purana. In this Purana, the eternal truth of life and death has also been told and it has also been told that after death, when the soul leaves the body. So how does he attain heaven and hell according to his deeds? oday we will tell you about the river Vaitarani according to Garun Purana.

It is very dangerous

This river is very dangerous for evil and sinful people. Crossing it is many times more painful than the pain of death. But this river Vaitarani is not so painful for everyone. It is peaceful and simple for the souls doing good deeds. So let us know that after death when the soul goes to Yamalok, how does it cross the Vaitaranani which lies in between ?

How is the Vaitarni River according to Garun Purana?

According to Garun Purana, sinful souls go on the path to Yamalok. They have to cross the river Vaitarani in the middle of this route. This river is very dangerous. Many plans are lengthy. There is extreme darkness in this river. This river, which opens like fire, is filled with many types of substances including odor. Sinful souls get scared of crossing this river devoid of red blood.

What are the sins ?

People who have tortured others throughout their lives, have stolen, consumed alcohol, disrespected their teachers, done wrong things, violated the rights of the poor, disrespected their parents, living, have cheated their wife or husband, cheated their friend, not done charity, has called the Vedas and scriptures hypocrisy, has disrespected the gods, has killed innocent animals and has eaten non-vegetarian food. People who have not performed any kind of sin like yajna, puja, Yagya, cow donation, etc., have to cross this river Vaitarani after death.

Yama’s messengers take the sinful souls

In this river, Yama’s messengers take the sinful souls tied with Yama’s noose. Sinners many times drown in this river, the snakes present in this river with big needle-like teeth keep biting the sinful souls, and the vultures with big sharp teeth keep scratching the sinful souls. The souls who commit sins keep crying while crossing this river. Some people have to cross this river by being tied to the Yampaash of Yamdoots and pulled with nails, while others have to drown.

Difficult to cross

In such a terrible situation in this river, a sinful creature becomes unconscious many times while enduring the tortures of hell. Then he regains consciousness and keeps screaming. At last, remembering the deeds of his previous birth, he starts repenting, remembering his children, friends, husband, and wife, he starts calling loudly and crying loudly due to fear and then falls into this river. When I suffer, I wonder why I did such things. But still, this river does not cross.

Which people do not have to cross this River?

According to Garun Purana, those who follow the path of God, who have worshiped their deities along with devotion to Lord Vishnu, have not cheated anyone, have helped people, and have discussed the name of God, People who perform such virtuous deeds like chanting of his name, the study of Vedas and scriptures, yagya, havan-puja, observance of Ekadashi fast, Char Dham Yatra, charity in temples, pilgrimage, do not have to endure the torture of river Vaitarani. .

If you donate a cow, you will be able to cross this river

It is written in Garun Purana that whoever has donated a cow even once in his life. The same mother cow helps them cross the river Vaitarani. It is told in the Purana that when the soul reaches near the river Vaitarani. So, on the banks of that river, the same mother cow appears whom you have donated during your lifetime and then the soul holds its tail and can cross the Vaitarani river directly without suffering any torture. But while donating a cow, keep in mind that you should donate the mother cow only at a place where she can be served throughout her life. They can be looked after in the cow shed. Do not donate a cow at such a place where the mother cow has to suffer, otherwise, you yourself will have to pay for that sin.

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