Tears of Shiva – Rudraksha


Rudraksha originated from the water point of eyes of Lord Shiva. This grain looks small, but it is so beneficial that it cannot be explained. Rudraksha is a boon of Shiva, which has been revealed by Lord Shankar to remove the physical sorrows of the world. Rudraksha trees are found in Indian regions like Darjeeling, Konkanko, Mysore, Kerala and Nepal, Indonesia, Java, and Sumatra.


Rudraksha originated from the water point of Lord Shankar’s eyes. According to Hindu belief- “The root of Rudraksha is Brahma, the middle part is Vishnu and the face is Rudra and its points are all called deities.

Names in different languages

In Sanskrit Rudraksha is called Sharvaksha, Neelkanthaksha, or Haraksha; Whereas in Bengali it is called ‘Rudrakya’, ‘Akkam’ in Tamil, ‘Rudrachalam’ in Telugu, ‘Aleo Carpus Seeds’ in English and ‘Aleo Carpus’ in Latin. Read more: Please Shiva with Rudrabhishek.


Chanting with the rosary of Rudraksha is especially beneficial. Rudraksha rosary is the best among rosaries. It is very useful and beneficial for the devotee of Shiva. While the effect of Rudraksh plays a miraculous role in achieving success for the seeker, the effect of Rudraksh proves to be miraculous in the attainment of happiness-prosperity, wealth, and glory.

Health Benefits

The use of Rudraksha is considered very effective from the point of view of health. In today’s overcrowded, stressful life, where people feel relieved by wearing a Rudraksha rosary or bead around their neck to get relief from blood pressure, or heart attack, keeping Rudraksha nearby is beneficial in many ways.

Science Behind Rudraksha

Scientifically, ‘Botanical properties of Rudraksha and physical water-touch generate electrical power, which creates disease-preventing power inside the body by the touch of fingers at the time of chanting. Wearing it on the body also reduces the capacity for aggressive diseases.

Story behind its origin

It is clear from the stories given in Shivpuran, Padmapuran, Skandapuran, Adipuran, etc. that it originated from the teardrop that came out of the eye of Lord Rudra (Shiva). These teardrops are related to the story of the incident of killing the Tripura demon—


The first story: The happiness that the world got from the Tripura slaughter, Rudra’s eyes overflowed with tears of joy, and the same tears grew in the form of Rudraksha wherever they fell.

Second story: According to another story, Shiva had done Tratakiya penance for thousands of years. In the process of this penance, a teardrop from his eye dripped on the earth, from which Rudraksh was made. The same Rudraksh trees give us the fruit of many-faced Rudraksh.

ears of Shiva - Rudraksha

Types of Rudraksha

Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

One Mukhi Rudraksha is the best Rudraksha. It is considered to be the form of ‘Shiva’. Ekmukhi Rudraksha can beautify with wonderful achievements, get immense happiness-prosperity, knowledge-meditation, and prestige.

Dwimukhi Rudraksha

Dwimukhi Rudraksha This Rudraksha is considered to be the symbol of Ardhanarishwar. This Rudraksha has been said to be especially beneficial for Shiva devotees. It is beneficial to wear it for mental peace, avoidance of vindictive tendencies, spiritual upliftment, etc. It is also appropriate to wear Dwimukhi Rudraksh to get rid of stomach ailments and for protection from inauspicious events.

Trimukhi Rudraksha

Trimukhi Rudraksh This Rudraksh has been considered as fire. Wearing this does not cause diseases. Trimukhi Rudraksh has been considered very beneficial for patients with jaundice. Wearing this is beneficial for energy, activity, job, etc. Wearing Trimukhi Rudraksh when suffering from disease, one gets relief from the disease quickly.

Chaturmukhi Rudraksha

Chaturmukhi Rudraksh This Rudraksh is the symbol of Brahma. By wearing this, there is intellectual development, there is benefit in studies, and interest in reading the best literature increases. Wearing it around the neck increases sweetness in speech, sharpness in eyes, and the ability to captivate. Chaturmukhi Rudraksh is also beneficial for removing mental disorders.

Panchmukhi Rudraksha

This Rudraksh is Kalagni Rudra form. It is easily available in the market. Wearing this protects from poisonous creatures. It is also beneficial in reducing the effect of poison. Wearing it for happiness, peace, and happiness is beneficial. It is also beneficial to wear it to not be harmed by enemies.

Shanmukhi Rudraksha

This Rudraksh is considered to be the symbol of Ganapati. By wearing this, there is an increase in eloquence in speech. It is considered auspicious to wear it to remove business benefits, material prosperity, and poverty. Mother Parvati’s special blessings remain on the holder of this Rudraksh. Its wearing is also beneficial to cure diseases like fainting.

Sapta Mukhi Rudraksha

This is the symbol of the Saptamatrikas. There is a law to wear it for longevity. It is also considered beneficial to wear it to protect from the attack of the weapon, while it has been estimated to be very useful in protecting from premature death. Saptamukhi Rudraksh is also worn to avoid poisoning. There is a provision to wear it for the prevention of typhus, epilepsy, cold fever, etc.

Ashtmukhi Rudraksha

Wearing Ashtmukhi Rudraksh in the form of Bhairav’s symbol is considered very beneficial for the peace of obstacles. It is particularly helpful in fulfilling the purpose of concentration by controlling the restlessness of the mind. It is very dear to the eight Vasus (a class of eight deities) and Gangaji.

Nav Mukhi Rudraksha

This Rudraksh, the symbol of Navadurga, is also found with difficulty. It is beneficial to wear it for success, prestige, and respect in all kinds of practices. It should be worn to defeat enemies and get success in litigation. Navamukhi Rudraksh is also beneficial for the control of heart diseases.

Dashmukhi Rudraksha

This Rudraksh is considered to be the form of Sakshatyam. Its great importance has been told in Tantrik Sadhana. Wearing this Rudraksh around the neck does not affect the wearer of Maran-Mohan etc. It is beneficial to wear it to avoid accidents. Its use is beneficial for whooping cough.

Ekadash Mukhi Rudraksha

This Rudraksh is considered to be the symbol of Ekadashi Rudra. An indicator of good luck, this Rudraksh is beneficial for the happiness of children. It has been said to be especially beneficial for women. It should be worn for getting the best children, protection of husband, prosperity, etc. This Rudraksh is also useful for protection from infectious diseases.

Dwadash Mukhi Rudraksha

Twelve Mukhi Rudraksh symbolizing Lord Vishnu is also found with difficult. Its intact usefulness has been assessed in the observance of celibacy fast. It is beneficial to wear it to increase energy. To get rid of diseases, wearing it has been said to be auspicious. Wearing this Rudraksh has also been said to be beneficial for protection from animals, thieves, and robbers.

Trayodashmukhi Rudraksha

Kaamdev is pleased by wearing Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksh which bestows desired fruits and achievements. As it has been said – ‘Kamdev: Prasidati’. The derivation of Kamadeva is given in this verse as follows – ‘Kamyate mumukshubhiriti kamastathabhuta: san divyati parameshwara’. By wearing this Rudraksh symbol of Kaam, there is an increase in fame, respect, position, prestige, elegance, etc. Use it with milk for beauty too said to be beneficial. Wearing this Rudraksh is also beneficial for the fulfillment of mental desires.

Chaturdashmukhi Rudraksha

The symbol of Tripurari, this Rudraksh has been considered capable of solving all kinds of troubles. Wearing this Rudraksh is beneficial for health benefits, getting rid of diseases, progress in various fields, healthy body. Fourteen pratyahara emerged from Shiva’s Damru and the details given in the scriptures regarding Rudraksh confirm that Rudraksh is up to Chaturdashmukhi only.


Rudraksha is up to twenty-one faces means Ekkismukhi but it is rare to find them. That’s why they are not mentioned.

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