Story of Tarakasura, a mighty Asura


We will tell you in detail about the birth, death, and powers of Tarakasura, one of the major character of our Hindu scriptures, through this article. So friends, let us know who was this mighty Asura and what is the history of Tarakasur’s descendants.

Who was Tarakasura?

The story of the birth of Tarakasura begins with sage Marichi, the manas son of Lord Brahma. His son was Rishi Kashyap, It is mentioned in our religious Puranas that Rishi Kashyap had thirteen wives, in elder wife Diti was very dear to Rishi Kashyap. Diti had three children, two sons Hiranyaksh and Hiranyakashyap, and one daughter Singhika. Both Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaksha later became mighty, evil demons.

Torture of Hiranyaksha

In Satyuga, Hiranyaksha becomes very proud of his strength and might, after torturing the deities, Hiranyaksha takes the earth to Patal Loka so that God could not kill Hiranyaksha (in Satyuga, Gods, Yaksha, even God Even then it was not possible to go to Patal Lok.) After that Lord Shri Hari Vishnu took the incarnation of Varah and after fighting with Hiranyaksh for thousands of years, killed Hiranyaksh and brought the earth out of Patal Lok.

Death of the Asura King Hiranyakashyap

After the death of Hiranyaksha, the atrocities of Hiranyakashipu started increasing. Hiranyakashyap was the king of the Asuras, due to and he created terror in all three worlds by gathering all the Asuras and demons. The tyranny of Hiranyakashyap was increasing continuously, after that on the prayer of the deities, Lord Vishnu, the destroyer of the wicked, took the incarnation of Narasimha and freed the earth from the tyranny of Hiranyakashyap.

Origin of Shivganas by Mata Diti

Mother Diti feels very sad after the death of Hiranakashyap, after which Mother Diti prays to Sage Kashyap to have a son. After which Mother Diti becomes pregnant again, which is known to Indra Dev, then Indra Dev attacks Diti with a weapon to destroy Diti’s womb in the fear that an Asura will be born again, which will create havoc in all three worlds. will go. But due to penance in Diti, the womb is not destroyed, but the child in the womb is broken into many pieces, which are born as many children. Is.

Birth of the mighty, invincible demon Vajrang

Diti again becomes sad because of not having children and again prays to sage Kashyapa. But this time sage Kashyap asks Diti to do a severe penance for 10 thousand years. Mother Diti started doing severe penance for 10 thousand years. After that, after 10 thousand years of hard penance, Mother Diti gets the boon of getting a child as per her wish, due to which Mother Diti gets a mighty, invincible Asura son, who is named Vajrang. Vajrang offers sacrifices to the deities as per the order of Mata Diti and after defeating the deities takes possession of Indralok. After that, at the request of the gods, at the behest of sage Kashyap and Lord Vishnu, Vajrang forgives Indra Dev and hands over Indralok to the gods.

Taraka (Tarakasura) Birth Story

Father Rishi Kashyap, pleased with the forgiveness and bravery of their son Vajrang, reveals a beautiful girl with his penance and gets her married to Vajrang. That girl follows the husband’s Vrata religion with full devotion, being pleased, Vajrang asks his wife to ask for the desired boon. Hearing the words of Vajrang, the girl becomes very happy and demands from Vajrang a strong son who can conquer all three worlds.

Hearing the demand of his wife, Vajrang goes into deep thought because he does not want to keep enmity with the gods. But to fulfill his promise, Vajrang started doing a severe penance to get a mighty and strong son, as a result of which his wife gave birth to a strong, mighty son, at the time of his birth, lightning started shining all around and clouds started roaring. Because of this, the child was named Tarak, who later became famous as Tarakasur.

Lord Brahma’s boon to Tarakasura.

Within a few months of Tarakasura’s atrocities on all three worlds, Taraka’s body became like a huge mountain, after which Taraka left for penance to gather powers after taking orders from his parents. Tarak pleases Brahma ji by doing harsh penance for thousands of years and asks Brahma ji for a boon that Gods, demons, and humans will not be killed by anyone in the whole universe.

But Brahma ji calls this boon against the policy and asks him to be killed at the hands of a specific person, whose decision Brahma ji leaves up to Tarak, at whose hands he would like to die. Then Tarak using his cleverness asks to be killed at the hands of Shiva’s son, on which Lord Brahma says Amen. He becomes Tarakasura and creates fear in the world.

Killing of Tarakasura

According to the Skanda Purana, Mother Sati surrenders her body in the yagya kund being held at Father Daksha’s place after getting angry at the insult done by her husband Lord Shiva to her father Daksha. After surrendering the body of Mata Sati, Lord Shiva gets away from worldly illusion and sits in meditation posture for an indefinite time, during this period King of the mountains Himavat gets a child after a long time (Mata Sati as the daughter of King Himavat). is invited) who is named Parvati.

There the terror and tyranny of the Asura king Tarakasura had increased. After that, all the deities assign the task of awakening the love of Mother Parvati in the mind of Lord Shiva by distracting the attention of Lord Shiva to Kamdev, the god of love. After that Kamdev shoots a love flower arrow on Lord Shiva through a bow and arrow which distracts Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva gets very angry with Kamadeva and then opens his third eye and turns Kamadeva into ashes. Then on the prayer of Goddess Rati, Lord Shiva gives a living body to Kamadeva.

Lord Shiva’s love for Mother Parvati awakens in Lord Shiva’s mind with the love flower arrow of Kamdev Dev, but still, the anger of Lord Shiva is not calm. The heat of Lord Shiva’s anger pervades the entire universe, after Mother Ganga, sitting in Lord Shiva’s hair, reaches the end of the fire of Lord Shiva’s anger, due to which a child with six heads is born, who is brought up by six Apsaras and later mother. Parvati converted the six heads of the child into one head. The child was named Kartikeya because of being brought up by Apsaras (Kritikas). He later killed Tarakasura while leading the army of the gods.

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