Special characteristics of form of Goddess Saraswati


Every year, the fifth day of Shukla Paksha of Magh month is celebrated as Saraswati Puja. Especially this day is the birth anniversary of Goddess Saraswati. This year the festival of Saraswati Puja or Basant Panchami is on 14th February 2024, Wednesday. On this day, Goddess Saraswati will be worshiped in homes, temples, puja pandals, and schools and colleges. Goddess Saraswati has also been said to be of Shukla Varna, wearing white clothes, Veenavadanatpara, and white Padmasana. All the names of Mother Saraswati are derived from her appearance and characteristics.

What is the form of Goddess Saraswati?

Goddess Saraswati has one face and four hands. Mother is holding Veena in one hand, rosary, book in one hand, and blessing in the other hand. The goddess sits on a lotus wearing white clothes. His vehicle is a swan. That is why they are also called Hansvahini. In any educational work, it is important to worship Goddess Saraswati first.


According to religious scriptures, 5 main characteristics of Goddess Saraswati’s form

  • In Vishnudharmottara Purana, Goddess Saraswati is described as Vagdevi in the form of four angels and adorned with jewelry.
  • According to Brahmin texts, Goddess Saraswati is the representative of Brahmaswarupa, Kamadhenu, and all the gods. It is only by his grace that all the living beings in the world attain enlightenment and enlightenment.
  • In Skanda Purana, it has been told about the characteristics of the form of Goddess Saraswati that she is adorned on a lotus seat, has matted hair, and has a crescent moon on her forehead.
  • There is a religious belief that Goddess Saraswati resides on the human tongue in an invisible and very subtle form. It is said that when Goddess Saraswati resides on the tongue, the words spoken become true.
  • Because their vehicle is a swan, they are also called Hansvahini. However, in some places, Goddess Saraswati has been shown riding on a peacock.
Special characteristics of form of Goddess Saraswati

Teachings from Maa Saraswati’s form

Sitting on a lotus

First of all, let’s talk about lotus. The lotus flower blooms in mud or water, but it keeps itself so high that neither mud nor water can touch it. This gives the message that no matter what the environment around us is, it should not affect our lives. We should just try to enhance our personality like a lotus. One should constantly correct one’s mistakes and keep one’s mind as beautiful as a lotus. God always has his hand on such a mind.

Book in hand

Because of the book in the mother’s hand, people call her the goddess of knowledge. But this book is to inspire people for education. Your upliftment is possible only through education and knowledge, hence if you have the grace of Mother Saraswati, then take as much knowledge as possible.

Veena in hand

After birth, when Mother Saraswati plucked the strings of the veena, the whole world was filled with joy, similarly, a person should keep his mind happy, so happy that after meeting you, the mind of another person is also filled with joy. Veena means being happy and sharing happiness.

Rosary in hand

The rosary in the mother’s hand inspires a person to take him on the path of religion. Inspires to meditate on God. This means that if you meditate on God, and stay close to Him, then you remain happy in life and also knowledgeable. Due to this your ego never dominates you. You just keep improving yourself.

Blessing Mudra

Mother’s blessing posture tells us to always think about the welfare of people. Do good and say good. Whatever you do, you get it back. If you do good to others then Mother will never let any harm happen to you.

Mother’s swan

Mother swans can separate milk and water. This inspires us that like the swan, we should also be aware and live a wise life so that we can understand the difference between right and wrong.

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