Significance of trunk of Lord Ganesha


Just as many things have to be taken care of before installing the idol of Lord Ganesha in home, like how the idol should be, in the same way, it is also necessary that which side of Ganesha’s trunk is auspicious. In the idols of Ganapati Bappa, his trunk is right, in some it is left, and in some straight. On the other hand, according to religious belief, Ganapati Bappa with a straight trunk is rare. Due to the curved trunk of Lord Ganesha on one side, Lord Ganesha is called Vakra Tunda. Moon is believed to be in the left trunk of Ganapati Bappa and Sun is in the right trunk.

Lord Ganesha has three faces

Lord Ganesha has the head of an elephant. In ignorance, Lord Shiva cut off the head of his son Ganesha. When Mother Parvati got angry for Ganesha after being beheaded, Lord Shankar planted an elephant’s trunk to revive her. But the elephant’s trunk was planted three times on Lord Ganesha’s head, that’s why Ganesha has three faces. The trunk could not be planted in the first and second times. But it was planted in the third time, that’s why Lord Ganesha has 3 faces.


Know what astrology says?

Lord Ganesha is auspicious. He is invoked first in the worship ceremony. If you put it on the main door of the house, keep in mind that its trunk goes towards the south. On the other hand, whenever you put it on the door frame inside the house, then put the trunk on the left side only. It is said that at some places Gauri ji is worshiped along with Ganesha, then the one who goes to the left side of Lord Ganesha’s trunk, is attracted towards his mother.

Know what is recognition?

It is believed that one who worships Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha gives the fruit as per his wish. Every work becomes successful by seeing Ganpati Bappa. While going somewhere for any special work, if you go out after visiting them, then that work becomes successful.

Meaning of trunk in the right direction

The idol with the trunk in the right direction is installed in the temples. Usually, Ganesha with the right-handed trunks is worshiped by the Tantra method. Along with this, there is Yamlok in the south direction, where the account of sins and virtues is kept. That’s why it is considered unpleasant.

Meaning of trunk in the left direction

In some idols, the trunk of Ganesha is shown on the left side, and in some on the right side. Most of the idols of Ganesha are straight or with trunks towards the north. It is believed that whenever the idol of Ganesha is made facing south, it breaks. It is said that if by chance you find a Dakshinavarti idol and worship it properly, then you get desired results. The left trunks of Ganapati ji is believed to have the influence of the moon and the right one of the sun.

Straight trunks

The straight trunk of Ganesha is visible from three directions, when the trunk is turned to the right, it is believed to be influenced by the Pingala voice and the Sun. Worship of such an idol is considered fruitful for works like the destruction of obstacles, the defeat of enemies, the attainment of victory, and the fierce display of power. On the other hand, the idol with the trunk bent towards the left is considered to be affected by the Ida Nadi and the Moon. Such an idol is worshiped for permanent works. Such as education, wealth, business, progress, child happiness, marriage, creative work, and family happiness.

An idol with a straight trunks is considered to have subhuman war and its worship is considered best for Riddhi-Siddhi, Kundalini awakening, salvation, samadhi, etc. Sant Samaj worships only such an idol. There is an idol with a trunks on the right side in Siddhi Vinayak temple, which is why the faith and income of this temple is at its peak today.

The idol in which the trunk is on the right side is called the Dakshina idol. It is said that it is not easy to please Dakshinavarti Ganesh ji. The right side that leads to Yamlok is the right side of the nadi of Sun. The one who can face the direction of Yamlok is powerful. With both these meanings, Ganapati with the right trunk is called Jagrut.

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