Significance of Shooting Star


What is a Shooting Star?

The Shooting Star is an unusual type of meteor. In contrast to many other types of the meteor, it is not a part of a meteor shower. It is also different from a satellite or several other objects mistaken to be a shooting star, It is an exceptionally bright meteor. It is also different from other types like the Leonid meteor because it does not leave a trail behind it. The reason for this is that it is a tiny Comet fragment.

Shooting stars are meteoroids that burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere, producing a streak of light. The resulting “Shooting Star” is the light from the friction created as the meteoroid burns up.

When a meteoroid enters the Earth’s atmosphere at several miles per second, the meteoroid rubs against the air, heating it and causing it to glow. The meteoroid is also heated up by friction as it moves through the air.

This friction eventually slows the meteoroid to the point where the meteoroid glows from the heat generated by the rapid movement through the air. This produces the light streak in the sky and the “Shooting Star.”

Significance of Shooting Star

Significance of Shooting Star

There’s something about seeing a shooting star. It makes us feel small but essential at the same time it makes us wonder why we’re here and what we’re supposed to do. Shooting Stars also remind us of how much we enjoy the total darkness of night and how important it is to make sure we don’t lose it.
Because all of us, we’re the shooting stars, right?

We’re all going to come and go, we’re all going to go through life, sometimes feeling we don’t matter and wondering what we’re doing here. We’re all going to die one of these days, and it’s always so much better when that death comes in the dark.

So the next time when you see a shooting star, look down at the world you live in and think about what you’re doing with your life, how you’re using this time, how you’re making a difference. Because it’s all about the impact, we leave on this world when we’re gone.

Even if you don’t believe in a higher power, stars still impact us. They’re still something we all look for and enjoy. They’re still something we all respond to.

So don’t keep waiting for someone to come and change your life. Don’t wait for your lucky star. Go out and make your luck.

Significance of Shooting Star in Hindu Religion

As per the Hindu texts, a shooting star represents the planet, Venus. It is said that when Lord Brahma (God of creation) was creating the universe, Goddess Parvati (Goddess of the heavenly charm) created a star to help him. The star is also known as Sapta Rishi because it was made up of seven different gems. Since it was made up of such rare jewels, it was very bright.

Later, Princess Parvati sent this star towards Lord Brahma. The Lord accepted it and kept it in a box filled with camphor. The box was later closed with a lid made of gold and ruby. The shooting star was placed on the altar of Lord Shiva, who is the God of destruction.

It was later found out that this shooting star was the planet, Venus.

The shooting stars have immense significance in Hindu mythology and Hindu Astrology. The shooting stars always bring good and auspicious events with them.

Interpretation of Shooting Stars in Astrology

There are many different interpretations of the shooting stars according to Hindu astrology. Some of the interpretations are as follows:

  • If a shooting star falls from the place where the moon is found, then it signifies marriage. Whereas If the falling of the star coincides with the moon’s rising, then it signifies the birth of a baby. If a shooting star falls in the sky after the sunset, it signifies the death of a prosperous person.
  • A shooting star foretells a welcome event like marriage or birth, which is a good sign in Hindu Astrology. On the other hand, if it falls before sunrise, it signifies a poor person’s death.
  • If a shooting star falls in the sky when the moon is waning, it signifies a male child’s birth. Whereas If Star falls when the moon is in the waxing phase, it signifies a female child’s birth. If it falls during the daytime, then it signifies the birth of a little one.

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