Significance of Dakshina


There is a very beautiful thing in Yajurveda, it says that initiation is obtained only by vows of celibacy, that is, one gets entry into Brahmavidya or any other knowledge. Then from Diksha, Dakshina wealth, prosperity, prestige, etc is received. Here it means giving Dakshina, Vedas believed that God gives more to the one who gives. The one who does not give, the gods take away his money and give it to the donors.

It gives fruit

Faith is obtained from Dakshina, and truth is obtained from faith. The order is, Vrata –> Deeksha –> Dakshina –> Shraddha –> Truth which gives Knowledge. That’s why the way forward is paved only by giving dakshina to scholars, gurus, acharyas, and donations to characters. By giving it, faith in one’s Guru, Acharya increases. The Guru also gets free from his otherworldly concerns and becomes more enthusiastic for the welfare of the disciple or the host and ultimately makes him face-to-face with the truth.

Yagya remains incomplete without it

Yagya related to religious acts is not complete without Dakshina and it has no fruit, after completion of Yagya, Dakshina should be given immediately to the Brahmin and the priest and it should not be applied in any situation. When it is left, it increases in proportion to the time. The Brahmaswapahari who does not give Dakshina suffers from impure, impoverished, fallen, diseased, and many other troubles, his Lakshmi goes away, his ancestors do not accept his pind and his family members for many generations, front and back given in Brahmavai., Prakriti. 42nd Chapter.


Means of Livelihood

The class of Brahmins and priests who used to perform Yagyas and other religious rituals, the means of earning their livelihood was gradually left by Dakshina and they became their fee and profession, which no one else could impose. Dakshina is the wife of Yagya, so there is a law to give Dakshina after any ritual, some people do not understand the difference between Dakshina and charity and they say that whatever Dakshina is given should be accepted whereas this thing is meaningful about charity. Donations done by a person according to his faith should be accepted.

Its a reward of work

But Dakshina is the reward for the work done by a great guru, scholar, teacher, or astrologer person, which should be given according to his work so that he should be satisfied. In simple words, Dakshina is given as a thank you. The story of how Vishwamitra, who had previously been his priest, punished King Harishchandra for not paying the yajna tribute is found in the Puranas. These Dakshina are still an integral part of religious rituals, yagyas and pujas, shraddhas, and ritualistic occasions in Indian life.


Dakshina is given in many forms like gold, silver, coins, food grains, clothes, etc., and keeps on increasing and decreasing according to the faith and financial status of the host. It cannot be said that its value has ever been fixed even though it is an instinct.

The scriptures have a clear opinion that Dakshina should be given as much as possible. It should neither be less nor more than its strength. The social structure of Sanatan Dharma was such that the responsibility of non-possessive Brahmins, priests, astrologers, etc. was on the society. Society used to feed them with Dakshina according to their capacity. In return, they nourished society with their knowledge. But as soon as miserliness came in the host and greed in the Acharya, this arrangement broke down. It caused harm that those whose job was to perform rituals as a priest, to teach and write as a guru.

Todays reality

If there is any worship in the house, then you want the pundit to accept it for 101 rupees. He comes to your home from far away after spending one or two hours, spends two hours and spends his whole day getting worship done and in return, you want to see him off for 101, 151 rupees. Is it to the best of your ability? If everyone gives only 101 rupees to those priests or astrologers, then by spending 2 hours on each, he will be able to get only 5-6 people’s horoscope or worship done. From this, 500 per day in a month will be only 15 thousand or a little more.

How will he run his house in this? And if he will not be able to run peacefully, then how will he pay attention to his education and host? Then when he fixes his Dakshina under compulsion, we call them hypocritical businessman? You expect the astrologer not to ask for Dakshina following Parashar Smriti, but when the same scriptures talk about giving Dakshina as per the capacity for astrology, etc., then they do not accept it.

Actual Fact

Do good deeds, but do never perform Yagya with less money. No Yajna should be performed by giving less Dakshina. By offering less Dakshina, the senses of the Yagya destroy fame, heaven, age, fame, people, and animals. It is also said elsewhere, “Yagya without Dakshina destroys Dixit.” It is also said in the Vedas, “Agni protects that man from all sides, who gives worthy Dakshina to the one who does the best work with effort.” Misers can never become enlightened, they will always stumble in the dark. Those who dedicate their wealth to the work of Yagya, progress, and the non-generous ones perish.

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