Shri Krishna has full of 14 knowledge and 64 arts


According to religious scriptures, Shri Krishna was an expert in 64 arts whether it is related to music or dance. Lord Shri Krishna took the knowledge of these 64 arts in just 64 days. On the auspicious occasion of Shri Krishna Janmashtami, we will give you information about 64 arts learned by Shri Krishna. Let us know from where and from whom Shri Krishna acquired the knowledge of 64 arts.

Education of Lord Krishna

According to religious texts, Lord Krishna knew 64 arts. Lord Shri Krishna received all his education and knowledge from Guru Sandipani in the Sandipani Ashram of Ujjain. Along with Shri Krishna, my friend Sudama and brother Balram also came to Ujjain to get an education. It is believed that this was the first Gurukul in the world. When Shri Krishna went to Ujjain to receive education from Guru Sandipani, he acquired knowledge of 64 arts in just 64 days.

What are those 64 arts ?

According to the 45th chapter of Dasam Skanda of Shrimad Bhagwat Purana, Shri Krishna was proficient in the following 64 arts-
1- Dance
2- Instrumental – playing different types of instruments
3- Singing Vidya – Singing.
4- Drama – Various gestures and acting
5- Indrajal – Magic
6- Creating drama narrative etc.
7- Fragrant things- making perfume, oil, etc.
8- Makeup with flower ornaments
9- The knowledge of keeping the Betal etc under control
10- Children’s Games
11- Knowledge to win
12- Mantravidya
13- Knowing omens and bad omens, telling auspiciousness in answering questions
14- Cutting gems in different sizes
15- Making many types of Matrika Yantra
16- Creating sign language
17-Tying the water.
18- Making vines
19- Making the gift of worship with rice and flowers. (Decorate rice, barley, etc. things and flowers dyed with many colors on the occasion of God worship or other auspicious occasions)
20- Making flower beds.
21- Speaking the dialects of parrot-mynah etc. – Through this art speaking like parrot-mynah or they are taught to speak.
22- Medicine of trees
23- Method of fighting sheep, cock, quail, etc.
24- Method of elevation
25- The workmanship of building houses etc.
26- Making rugs, carpets, etc.
27- Carpentry
28- Making a bandage, cane, arrow, etc. means making a seat, chair, bed, etc. with the cane, etc. things.
29- The art of making different types of food items, that is, the art of making vegetables, juices, sweet dishes, curry, etc. in many ways.
30- Deeds of sleight of hand
31- Wear whatever you want
32- Making different types of beverages
33- Gaming
34- Knowledge of all verses
35- The science of hiding or changing clothes
36- Attraction of distant humans or objects
37- Making clothes and jewelry
38- Making garlands etc.
39- Showing strange achievements means using such mantras
40-Making of flower ornaments for ears and braids – Interweaving flowers by giving them the form of ornaments to decorate the braids of women.
41- Making puppets, dancing
42- Making idols etc.
43- Solving Riddles
44- Needlework means sewing, roughing, and embroidery of clothes.
45 – Hair cleaning skills
46- Tell the thing of the fist or the thing of the mind
47- Knowledge of the language of many countries
48 – Understanding of Malechha-Kavyas – The art of writing and understanding such signs which can be understood only by the one who knows them.
49 – Examination of metals like gold, silver, and gems like diamonds and emeralds
50 – Making gold-silver etc.
51 – Recognizing the color of gems
52- Identification of mines
53- Painting
54- Coloring teeth, clothes, and organs
55- Bed-composition
56- Making a floor of gems means inlaying pearls and gems in some part of the floor of the house.
57- Diplomacy#Shastra_Sanskriti_Pravah||
58- The cleverness of teaching the texts
59- Finding out new things
60- Problem-solving
61- Knowledge of all cells
62- To create a cut in the mind means to complete the left post or phase in any verse etc. with the mind.
63 – Cheating
64 – Preparation of many types of ear ornaments including conch shell, ivory.

Shri Krishna has full of 14 knowledge and 64 arts

Krishna has all 16 Kala

A person with 16 arts is equal to God or say that God himself is. Stones and trees are creatures of 1 to 2 arts. Animals and birds have 2 to 4 arts. There are 5 arts in an ordinary human and 6 arts in a human being in a cultured society. Similarly, there are 7 arts in a special man and 8 in sages or great men. There are Saptarshigana, Manu, Devta, Prajapati, Lokpal, etc. with 9 arts. After this, the manifestation of 10 and more than 10 arts is manifested only in the incarnations of the Lord.

Like Varaha, Narasimha, Kurma, Matsya and Vamana avatars. He is also called an incarnation of passion. Usually, 10 to 11 arts are manifested in them. Parshuram has also been called the incarnation of God. Lord Rama is possessed of 12 arts whereas Lord Krishna is possessed of all 16 arts. This is the highest level of consciousness. That is why Lord Shri Krishna is called Jagannath, the Lord of the world, and Jagadguru, the Guru of the world.

Shri Krishna has full of 14 knowledge and 64 arts

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