Secret & Magic of Akshardham Temple, Delhi


If you want to get some peace away from the hustle and bustle and busy life of the capital of India, New Delhi, then you can go to Akshardham because looking at Akshardham temple, it seems that some magical power has created a world around Lord Shiva. You have picked up Shri Krishna’s city Mathura Vrindavan with your huge hands and placed it in New Delhi.

Where it is ?

This Akshardham is a huge temple built in New Delhi. After entering inside you reach a mythological metropolis. Where everything seems like a dream to you. Akshardham is a pilgrimage site that cannot be praised in words. Saying beautiful words in praise of Akshardham would be like showing a lamp to the sun. Akshardham Temple is a divine abode that reminds the ancient glorious history of India.

Akshardham is synonymous with Indian culture

It is located in New Delhi Noida India. Which is built on approximately 100 acres of land. This is only one religious place. Akshardham has been built in the memory of Lord Swaminarayan. Akshardham is considered to be the largest Hindu temple in the world, due to which the name of Akshar dham has also been included in the Guinness Book of World Records. The idol of Lord Swaminarayan, the founder of the Swami Narayan sect of Hindu religion, has also been installed in the Akshardham temple. Lord Swaminarayan was a disciple of Swami Ramanand. Lord Swaminarayan is also worshiped in Akshardham.

Unique heritage of Akshardham architectural art

Akshar dham Temple is a unique confluence of the ancient medieval era and modern era architecture of India. After seeing this everyone is surprised. And does not get tired of praising the one who made this Akshar dham Aditya. Akshar dham is constructed with a combination of pink white marble and sandstone. Akshar dham, built on approximately 100 acres of land, has been built by thousands of architectural artists.


Sculptors from India and abroad were called to build Akshardham

Before building the Akshar dham temple, a complete study of the ancient temples of India was done. It seems that after studying all the temples of East, West, North, and South of the country, every effort has been made to make Akshar dham Temple even better with the best information collected. The huge pillars, sculptures, and domes all tell the story of the glorious architecture of India. There are about 20000 statues in Akshar dham temple, after seeing which it seems that these statues can speak at any time.

Peacock dance at the entrance of Akshardham temple

The Peacock Gate of Akshar dham attracts the people coming to the temple. As is clear from the name itself. A beautiful peacock is depicted on this gate. You all will be surprised to know that not just one, two, or three but 900 dancing statues of peacocks have been made here which fascinate the people passing by.

Akshardham opens the pages of history

The Bhakti Dwar, which is soaked in the love of the Lord, also attracts a lot of tourists. When we stand at this gate, we feel as if we are standing in front of the palace of Emperor Ashoka. After entering Akshar dham, we forget that we are living in modern times because after coming to Akshar dham temple, we go back thousands of years. Start seeing life thousands of years old.

The mantras of Vedas and Puranas resonate

This is what it feels like when you enter the ten gates in Akshardham. The glow of the auspicious aura of Vedas and Puranas should spread all around this temple. The ten gates of Akshardham are the reflection of the ten directions. Auspicious rain keeps falling on the people visiting the premises of Akshardham. The voice of Vedas and Puranas keeps resonating in the winds of Akshardham.

The fountain tells a story

The most captivating sight of Akshar dham is the rising fountain here. This fountain speaks and what it tells is a wonderful story that is connected to our life and culture. This fountain tells a story through its rising and falling water with colorful lights. Which looks, sounds, sounds pleasant, and is worth seeing.

Akshardham with stairs

There are 2870 stairs in Akshar dham temple. These stairs lead us towards the spiritual and supernatural world. By climbing these stairs we become absorbed in devotion to God. It feels as if some invisible force is pulling us towards itself.

Pool of Indian Mathematicians

This temple is colored with the colors of Indianness. Apart from spirituality, the Akshar dham temple also leads us toward science and mathematics. Akshar dham Temple is a unique place that gives us a glimpse of the greatness of Indian mathematicians and makes us proud.

Abode of Guru’s letters

Akshar dham also has a library displaying books from old, medieval, and modern eras. Where thousands of texts wait for the visitors. The Palace of Books present here introduces our new generation to Indian culture, art, and spirituality. Akshar dham provides the light of knowledge for those who like religious books.

Akshardham, the place to experience ecstasy

Hole of Value of Akshar dham where lessons of non-violence, vegetarianism, and morality are taught. On the other hand, Neelkanth Yatra takes us to the supernatural world. In such a situation, sailing takes us back in time to ancient times. The feeling of which is extremely thrilling and relaxing to the mind. The fountains with combined music running in the evening give a feeling of ultimate joy to the devotees. The same Garden of India and Abhishek Mandap connect us with God for a few moments.

Entry is impossible without decent clothes

The most special feature of Akshardham temple is that it is forbidden for any visitor to come to Akshar dham without wearing decent clothes. Because Akshardham is in favor of Indian culture. Therefore, tourists are allowed to enter Akshardham only after wearing decent clothes as per Indian culture. Visitors who do not come dressed decently are given clothes as per Indian culture before entering the Akshardham temple. By wearing this one can enter Akshardham.

Name recorded in Guinness Book of World Records

Akshardham Temple has been declared the largest Hindu temple in the world. For this reason, the name of Akshardham Temple has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. It was the glorious year of December 2007 when the head of Akshardham, Swami Maharaj, was given two certificates to this effect in which the grandeur of Akshardham has been lavishly praised.

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