Sahastra Dal Lotus in Goloka Dham & How To Reach Golok Dham


Lord Krishna, being omniscient, is influenced by Ananda and Chinmaya Rasa and resides in Golok Dham with his own form, Gop, Gopika, and cows. The description of this thing has been given in the Brahma Samhita. Beyond worldly attachment, there is such a beautiful world whose beauty we cannot describe.

Description of The Throne of Shri Krishna & Lord Vishnu

In Vaikunth Dham, Lord Vishnu sits on a grand throne, in the Divya Manimay Mandapam, along with Mata Lakshmi.

Just as Lord Vishnu sits on the throne with Mata Lakshmi. In the same way, Lord Krishna sits on a divine throne in Goloka with his divine power Goddess Radhika. But this Singhasan (Throne) of Lord Shri Krishna is completely different from all other Singhasans (Throne) and it is very beautiful.


What is Sahastra Dal Lotus

Golok Dham is adorned with a divine lotus with a thousand lentils, which looks like a light beam.
Above the lotus of thousand lentils is the lotus of 16 lentils and on top of the lotus of 16 lentils is the lotus of 8 lentils, which is called the Ashtadal lotus.
In the central part of this Ashtadal lotus, there is a throne with 3 steps, embellished with precious and supernatural divine gems. And on this throne, Lord Krishna sits with Goddess Radha Rani.

What is Sahastra Dal Lotus

The Relation Between Ashta Dal Lotus And The Eight Sakhi

The Eight Sakhis of Radha Krishna are seated on these eight lotus lentils. In which Lalita Sakhi, Vishakha Sakhi, Chitra Sakhi, Indulekha Sakhi, Champakalta Sakhi, Rangadevi Sakhi, Sudevi Sakhi, and Tungadevi Sakhi are all included.

Beauty Of Singhasan

Here Radha Krishna is served by these 8 Sakhis as well as 8 Gopaas. Chanwars studded with diamonds are being flown over them. White-colored fans like swans are flying.
Millions of Chatra are presented in the service of God, who is as bright as the moons.
This supernatural scene can fascinate anyone.

The Way To Reach Golok Dham Even In Kaliyuga

Golok Dham is a divine place that is accessible to the devotees of Shri Krishna and Radha. Only one person can conceive and see this supreme abode, in whose heart there is pure devotion and love.
That is why Golok Dham is also called the Dham of cow love and devotion.

Chanting Of Hari Naam By Mahamantra

Those devotees who have become pure by the penance of the years are absorbed in the devotion of Shri Krishna on the Earth and have devotion to Shri Krishna on every breath. Those who keep their mind engaged in Shri Krishna all the time while sleeping, keep chanting the name Hari by Hare Krishna maha-mantra day and night All the karmic bonds of such devotees are destroyed.
The attainment of Goloka is easy for all such virtuous souls who are beyond the illusion of Kali Yuga.

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