Robert : The most cursed toy in history


You have often seen in horror movies how toys and dolls become possessed by ghostly spirits and then they make life difficult for humans. A film has also been made on one such doll, Annabel, but it is said that the most cursed toy in history is Robert, the doll. This is a cursed doll which is kept locked in a glass box. It is believed that if it is touched then it can become difficult for that person to live.

Who is Robert ?

Robert, a doll made of bamboo splints and cloth, is one such cursed doll. Many decades ago, someone had gifted this doll to Jean, a small child of a family living in Florida. He named this doll Robert. The people of the house were also very happy to see both of them. But soon many things started happening in the house which should not have happened.


Someone’s shadow has come to the house

Often Jean would talk to himself, not only this, his voice would also change every time. Many times Jean’s parents would scold him for hearing these voices late at night, but Jean would say that it was not he who did this but his puppet Robert. Jean’s parents would jokingly dismiss this as her attraction towards dolls.

But very soon the household items started moving here and there on their own. Strange sounds started coming in the house. According to reports, when Jean grew up, she stopped playing with this doll named Robert and locked Robert in an upstairs room of the house. After Jean got married, strange things started happening in this house. After some time, Jean’s parents died. People started believing that this happened because of that cursed doll.

People did not stay outside the house

The news of the doll being cursed spread like wildfire in the city and people stopped even looking towards Jean’s house. People were afraid that by doing this something bad might happen to them. Years passed by and then Jean and his wife died. It was said that a woman working at Jean’s house had done black magic on this doll, and Jean had fired her from her job.

and then…

It is said that after the death of Gene and his wife, this house was sold and a woman started living here. The woman also heard strange sounds and screams of children here. After about 20 years, the woman living here shivered when she saw this doll in the basement. It is believed that after the death of the previous owner of the house, all the belongings and dolls were removed from here.

Imprisoned in the museum

After this incident, the woman called the priest at home who talked about the negative energy in the doll. After this, with the help of the priest and other people, this doll was taken to a museum. Here this doll was kept in a glass box. It is believed that now if it is opened or touched then it can become a threat to anyone’s life.

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