Paranormal Games in which Ghost plays with you


Have you ever wondered if instead of a friend, Ghost and spirits play games with you? Look, what kind of ghostly games are these? Know some of these Paranormal games which are said to be played in real world.

Closet Game

In this, a ghost is found in a small dark room. As soon as you hear someone whispering, you should immediately light a candle or any other light, otherwise, you feel as if someone has grabbed you from behind and is pulling you towards darkness. Source-

Elevator to another world

It means going to another world through the lift. After going alone in the lift of a ten-floor building and pressing the 4-2-6-2-10-5 buttons, something happens you directly reach the tenth floor and when you come out from there, you see a different world. Is. By pressing this button again one comes back to the real world.


Three Kings

This game is played alone at exactly 3:30 in the night. After making all the preparations, you slowly start realizing that there is someone with whom you are talking. Some people who played this game said that it feels as if there is someone who is talking about our past and our problems.

Bloody Mary

Mary is believed to be a witch yearning for revenge. To summon her spirit, one has to light a candle in front of the mirror and say Bloody Mary three times. After some time, a woman soaked in blood can be seen in the mirror.

One Man Hide and Seek

In this, one plays hide and seek with a ghostly doll and not with a human being. The doll has to be given a name and hidden in a tub filled with water and then hidden itself. After this, you look for the doll but it is not found in the tub.

Charlotte’s Web

In this, two people play a game. In this, the spirit of a girl named Charlotte Webster is called. A toy that girls like is kept in it and its image is shown in the mirror. After this, it is said that we want to play with Charlotte. After some time it is seen that a little girl has come to take the toy. And Then you can talk to him whatever you want.

Dry Bones

In this, instead of a doll, one plays hide and seek with a ghost.You have to go to your bathroom at noon in the night and stare at yourself in front of the mirror and as soon as you hear any sound, you have to leave from there. This means that a ghost spirit has come there.

Daruma San

In this, to summon a ghost, one has to go to one’s bathroom, sit without clothes in a tub filled with water, and switch off the lights. The shadow of a woman is visible.

Midnight Game

This is considered to be the most dangerous game. In this, the spirit of a person is called at midnight and you have to roam around the house alone but be careful that the spirit does not find you. And nIf you can escape from that spirit by 3:33 in the night then you win the game.

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