Names of Ashta Siddhi and their Power


Ashta Siddhi:

Siddhis have been discussed in the scriptures and if these Siddhis are done regularly and in a disciplined manner, then many types of Para and Apara Siddhis can be achieved. There are two types of Siddhis, one is Para and the other is Apara. These siddhis show the control and comprehensiveness of the senses. All types of superior, medium, and inferior Siddhis are called Apara Siddhis. The main siddhis have been said to be of Eight types known as Ashta Siddhi. After attaining these achievements, nothing remains impossible in the world for the seeker.

What are the achievements and what can be achieved through them, All these are mentioned in Markandeya Purana and Brahmavaivartapuran which are as follows: –

अणिमा लघिमा गरिमा प्राप्ति: प्राकाम्यंमहिमा तथा। ईशित्वं च वशित्वंच सर्वकामावशायिता:।।

Anima Laghima Garima Prapti: Prakamyam Mahima Tatha. Ishitvam cha vashitvanch sarvakaamavashayitah.

Names of Ashta Siddhi and their Power

8 types of Ashta Siddhi

  1. Anima: Ability to make oneself subtle
  2. Laghima: Ability to make yourself light
  3. Garima: The power of becoming infinitely heavy.
  4. Prakamya: Ability to take any form
  5. Mahima: The ability to make yourself great
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  7. Ishatva: Knowing and controlling every being or Ability to know the essence and nature of any object or creature
  8. Vastava: Ability to gain control over life and death
  9. Praapti: Ability to create anything

These eight main Siddhis are as follows:-

Anima Siddhi

Anima is the ability to make oneself subtle. This Siddhi is that Siddhi, by attaining which a person assumes a subtle form and in a way becomes invisible to others. Through this Siddhi, Person can be reduced in size and converted into a molecule. The seeker becomes brave and strong after being endowed with the power of molecules and atoms. A yogi who has attained the perfection of Anima Siddhi gets immense strength through his power.

Mahima Siddhi

The ability to make oneself bigger and bigger is called Mahima Siddhi. It expands the size and helps in giving birth to a gigantic form. After attaining this Siddhi, the seeker is able to expand the nature. Just as only God expands the universe with this achievement of his, in the same way, the seeker also gets the same power as him after attaining it.

Garima Siddhi

With this Siddhi, a man can make his body as heavy as he wants. This siddhi makes the seeker feel that his weight or load can increase to a great extent according to which he cannot move even if someone removes or shakes him.

Laghima siddhi

The ability to make oneself light is the Laghima Siddhi. In Laghima Siddhi, the seeker feels very light. With the effect of this divine great achievement, Yogi can call any substance of the universe spread far and wide and make it small and change it according to his own will.

Praapti Siddhi

Ability to build anything, whatever you want to get can be achieved on the strength of this Siddhi. By achieving this Siddhi, whatever thing the seeker desires, he gets it even if it is impossible. Just like a thirsty person can get water in the desert or he is able to fulfill his desire for nectar, only through this accomplishment, he can make the impossible possible.

Prakaamya Siddhi

The ability to assume any form is the attainment of Prakaamya Siddhi. When this is proven, the thoughts of the mind start changing according to you. In this Siddhi, the seeker experiences extremely powerful power. After getting this Siddhi, a person is successful in getting the thing he desires. If a person wants, he can fly in the sky and if he wants, he can walk on water.

Ishatva Siddhi

The meaning of this accomplishment is to know every power and control it. By achieving this Siddhi, the seeker becomes capable of attaining all dominance and authority. After attaining this Siddhi, one can gain power over anyone as per one’s orders. Be it from states to empires. On attaining this Siddhi, the seeker transforms into the form of God.

Vastava Siddhi

The ability to gain control over life and death is called Vashita or Vashikaran. Through this Siddhi, inanimate, animate, living beings, matter, and nature, all can be brought under one’s control. If one is endowed with this Siddhi, any creature can be brought under one’s control.

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These are all the Ashta Siddhi which are given in Purana. If you have any questions let us know in the Comment box.

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