The Mythological Origin of the Zodiac Signs


The Zodiac signs have their origin in ancient mythology and astrology. Each sign is associated with specific traits and characteristics that are believed to be influenced by the celestial bodies and their positions at the time of a person’s birth.
The belief that stars can influence the way we live has existed since ancient times. The astrological horoscope prevalent in the West has its origins in several cultures with inspiration from Babylonian astrology Egyptian mathematics and Greek mystical and philosophical thought. This is how the Zodiac horoscope arose. The word zodiac means “circle of animals”. These creatures are represented in the constellations observable in the sky and the origin of these beings is bound up with different stories from Greek Mythology.

Aries Zodiac Sign

The sign of Aries is represented by a Lamb. According to Greek myth, Phrixus Prince of Boeotia was the target of a conspiracy by his stepmother who wanted to kill him. Answering the prayers of the prince’s mother Hermes sent a Golden Lamb to rescue Prince Phrixus and his sister but during the journey through the skies, the princess fell off the Lamb and drowned in the sea Waters.
After reaching the region of coal cheese the young man sacrificed the beautiful animal in honor of the Gods. The golden wool became the object of coveting by Kings and heroes such as the Argonauts for its services the Golden Lamb was honored in the heavens in the form of the constellation Aries.

The Mythological Origin of the Zodiac Signs
Aries Zodiac Signs

Taurus Zodiac Sign

The sign of Taurus represents Zeus’s metamorphosis into a bull to attract and abduct Princess Europa. In his bovine form, Zeus approached the princess and she was delighted with the beautiful animal. With the help of her friends, she climbed onto the bull which took the princess for a ride. At first, Europa had fun on the bull riding the waves but Zeus took her to the Island of Crete against her will. The couple United and gave birth to a noble Offspring, including King Minos, who ruled the Island of Crete land of the Fearsome Minotaur. The constellation Taurus marked in the Stars is another of Zeus’s ruses.

Taurus Zodaic
Taurus Zodiac Signs


The sign of Gemini is associated with the myth of the brothers’ Castor and Pollux. Brothers of Helen of Troy and sons of Leda and Zeus. Zeus turned into a swan to seduce Leda and the twins were born from an egg generated by their mother. The twins became great Heroes but Castor died in his brother’s arms after a fight against Rivals.
Distraught Pollux asks Zeus to bring his brother back to life. God proposed that he and his brother rotate their days on Earth he agreed and the brothers started to live in the same body alternately. The Gemini constellation symbolizes the brotherly love between Zeus’s two sons Castor and Pollux.

The Mythological Origin of the Zodiac Signs
Gemini Zodiac Signs


The sign of cancer is symbolized by a Crab. The creature is associated with the myth of Hercules battling the powerful Hydra of Lerna. Hercules was about to defeat the creature Hydra so the crabs were sent by the Goddess Hera to Aid the Hydra in the fight against Hercules. Despite their efforts, the crabs could not measure up to Hercules and were defeated. The Goddess honored the creature’s efforts by placing them Among the Stars through the constellation of Cancer.

Cancer Zodiac
Cancer Zodiac Signs


The sign of Virgo is associated with the Goddess Astraea daughter of Themis the Goddess of Justice. She personified Purity and Innocence and was considered a just and impartial deity. She initially lived among men trying to promote justice, But during the Iron Age, they became so corrupt that the Goddess decided to leave the Earth and ascended to the heavens where she became the constellation of Virgo.

Virgo zodiac
Vrigo Zodiac Signs


The sign of Leo is associated with the myth of the hero Hercules and his 12 famous labors. The Nemean lion terrorized the region. Hercules was sent to confront the creature famous for having an
impenetrable hide that no weapon could harm. Hercules faced the Beast with great courage in a hotly contested fight the hero eventually strangled the animal and went on to wear the Nemean Lion’s skin as a cloak. This victory was eternalized Among the Stars in the constellation of Leo.

The Mythological Origin of the Zodiac Signs


The sign of Libra is symbolized by the scales of Themis. The Greek Goddess of justice and balance. The goddess is known for her wisdom in dispensing Justice being merciful to the good and
unforgiving to criminals.
In later depictions, she appeared with a blindfold over her eyes showing that all are equal before Justice and that her judgment is unbiased. The scale of the Goddess remained forever in the heavens in the constellation of Libra.


Scorpio Zodiac Sign

The sign of Scorpio is associated with the myth of Orion and Artemis. Orion was a giant and a great hunter therefore he had an excellent relationship with Artemis the Goddess of the hunt who had a special affection for Orion.
According to some versions of the myth this relationship between the two seemed almost like a romance. Apollo the Goddess’s brother to preserve his sister’s virginal Purity sent a scorpion
to kill Orion. Orion and the Scorpion died during the battle both were immortalized in the constellations of Orion and Scorpio.



The sign of Sagittarius is a centaur with a pointed bow. The centaur was Chiron the wisest of the species a great trainer of Heroes. He trained such figures as Achilles in Jason. Chiron was transformed into the constellation Sagittarius after his accidental death caused by Hercules but his deeds were never forgotten and the figure was etched into the Stars.

Sagittarius Zodiac


The sign of Capricorn is symbolized by the strange figure of a fish-tailed goat. This figure is associated with the myth of Pan the wild God. In the famous tale of Typhon the monster that defied the Gods. Many deities disguised themselves as animals to escape the Beast. Pan jumped into the sea to escape the creature’s wrath and developed a fishtail to flee.
According to some Scholars, the constellation of Capricorn depicts Pan’s metamorphosis, Although it seems like a tribute to a cowardly act pan was one of the few Gods who returned to help Zeus in the fight against Typhon.

Capricorn Zodiac


The sign of Aquarius evokes the myth of the Abduction of the beautiful Ganymede, So handsome that he was kidnapped by Zeus to serve the Gods on Olympus. He replaced Heap as the cupbearer of the Gods. The job was to fill the Gods’ cups and jars with the nectar of immortality and Ambrosia.
But Ganymede was a prince of Troy his parents were distraught over their son’s disappearance. To appease the grief of Ganymede’s parents Zeus created the constellation Aquarius so that when they looked up into the sky they would remember their Son.

The Mythological Origin of the Zodiac Signs
The Mythological Origin of the Zodiac Signs


The sign of Pisces is symbolized by two fish. but did you know that these fish are the gods of love and passion Eros and Aphrodite? When the powerful monster Typhon defeated Zeus several Gods fled Olympus among them were Aphrodite and her son Eros to escape the monster transformed themselves into fish and swam to Egypt where their Divinity was recognized. The Escape of the Gods of Love from Greece was inscribed in the heavens in the constellation of Pisces.

Pisces Sign

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