Mythological & Miraculous important holy things


The fate of a person is based on the auspicious and inauspicious results generated by the accumulated deeds of this birth and previous births. The auspicious and inauspicious results that a person gets are called Pioneers. Happiness and unhappiness also depend on external things. Happiness and sorrow can be generated by experiencing external things. Similarly, in our present life some things give us auspicious results and some things give us inauspicious results also acts as lucky charms. There are various Holy things which since ancient times which has mythological & miraculous importance.

Importance in Vastu Shashtra

According to philosophy, some things are inauspicious in themselves and some things carry the best auspiciousness in themselves. From the opinion of philosophy, we are going to tell you some things which when kept in the house or kept in the purse or kept with you miraculously start getting benefits. According to Vastu Shastra, if we want to bring change in something, then first of all it is necessary to change the surroundings. Some such holy things have divine powers which keep positivity in the house and around you. Keep in mind, these things should never be used for any kind of black magic or experiment or sorcery. Some of these items are actually rare too, not easy to find.

Peacock Feather

Mayur or Peacock are such beautiful names for this beautiful bird. As beautiful as it looks, equally beautiful are the benefits of its wings. It is also very dear to our deities. Mother Saraswati, Shri Krishna, Mother Lakshmi, Indra Dev, Kartikeya, and Shri Ganesh all love peacock feathers in some form or the other. In mythological times, great books have been written by Maharishi by making the pen of this peacock feather. Regarding the peacock, it is believed that this bird protects any place from the effects of evil forces and adverse things. This is the reason why most people put beautiful peacock feathers in their homes.

Metal turtle

A small metal turtle is considered to be of special importance in Vastu. This tortoise is made of metals like crystal, copper, or silver. It is believed that there is no shortage of money in the house where there is this tortoise. Keeping it in an office or shop gives a lot of progress and there is less possibility of loss in business.


According to religious texts, this wonderful stone found on the seashore is colorful. Beautiful in appearance, this stone is known as Atmaratna. This soul stone floats in the sea, which is very useful for the sailors there. Garlands are made of these round and smooth stones. At the same time, they are also used to decorate the house. According to mythological texts, this stone gives miraculous benefits. This black-brown colored stone looks like Shaligram. It is a religious belief that all the wishes of the people are fulfilled by keeping them in the house.

Oval white stone

Apart from Atmaratna, another stone is considered auspicious to keep in the house. The oval white stone is also considered very auspicious and fruitful. This stone is made of marble or any solid white stone, you can also keep it in your pocket. This stone is similar to Godanti. It is believed that keeping it at home increases wealth and happiness. Along with this, mental peace is attained.


Auspicious couple

Keeping pictures or idols of good non-violent couple animals like peacocks, cows, swans, ducks, and deer in the house also gives miraculous benefits. Due to this, where married life becomes happy, at the same time, it also awakens the fortune. Some Vastu Shastras believe that the faces of these pictures or idols should be towards each other. In Vastu Shastra, there are other benefits of keeping swan or deer joints.


Buy and bring a variety of pyramids that can be used in different ways. According to experts, due to the shape of the pyramid being on the north-south axis, it is capable of creating an energetic environment within itself by absorbing the known and unknown powers prevailing in the universe, which is capable of creating an energetic environment, which is capable of supporting all kinds of living or dead, inert and animate. affects things.

Lajavart Gem

The color of this gem is similar to the neck of a peacock, with golden spots of blue-black color. This gem is also rarely found. By wearing the Lajavart gem, there is an increase in strength, intelligence, and fame. It is believed that by duly wearing it on Tuesday, there is no fear of ghosts, ghosts, vampires, demons, snakes, etc.


Ashtagandha is made by mixing 8 types of herbs or fragrances. There are 2 types of Ashwagandha – first Vaishnav and second Shaiva. This type is according to its mix. Shaiva Ashtagandha: It is prepared by mixing Kunku, Aguru, Kasturi, Chandrabhag, Gorochan, Tamal, and water in equal parts. Vaishnav Ashtagandh: It is made by mixing sandalwood, a guru, shriver, just, kumkum, sevika, jatamansi, and mur. Whatever it is, the fragrance of Ashtagandha is very dear. Using it at home miraculously gives mental peace and also removes Vastu defects in the house. By using this, the side effects of the planets also go away.

Miraculous Surma

There are two types of antimony. One white antimony and the other black antimony. Kajal is made of black antimony. The practice of applying antimony has been in Central Asia as well as in India. Both types of antimony are found in the form of stone. Its gem is also made and mascara is also made from it. In Islam, applying antimony is considered Sunnah.

Miraculous Shaligram

Many people keep a small Shivling water carrier in the house. Like Shivling, Shaligram also has many miraculous benefits. Shaligram is considered the symbol of Lord Vishnu. Mostly Shaligram is found in Muktinath, Nepal on the banks of the Kali Gandaki River. Apart from black and brown shaligrams, it is even rare to find white, blue, and lit shaligrams. The shape of Lord Vishnu’s chakra is marked in the complete Shaligram. There are 33 types of Shaligrams, out of which 24 types are believed to be related to the 24 incarnations of Vishnu. It is believed that all these 24 Shaligrams are related to the 24 Ekadashi fasts of the year.

Metal Kada

The rules for wearing Kada in hand are the same as the rules for wearing Yajnopaveet. Many people do any kind of intoxicant or do any other unethical act after wearing Kada, then they get punished for it, so wear Kada carefully.


Camphor or camphor is a volatile divine vegetable substance like wax. It is often lit after the aarti or while performing the aarti which spreads the fragrance in the atmosphere. Camphor is called Karpur in Sanskrit, Kafur in Persian, and Camphor in English. The tradition of burning camphor has been going on since ancient times. According to the scriptures, by burning camphor in front of the gods and goddesses, one gets inexhaustible virtue. In the house where camphor is burnt regularly, there is no effect of Pitridosh or any kind of planetary defects. By keeping the camphor burning, the architectural defects of the house also remain calm.

Gomti Chakra

This is a stone, which looks simple but is miraculous. The name of this stone is Gomti Chakra. Meeting in the Gomti River, it is called Gomti Chakra. Due to the presence of Gomti Chakra in the house, there is no enemy obstacle to the person. Many experiments on this chakra have been told. It should be kept in a red vermilion box. By taking 11 Gomti Chakra, wrapping it in yellow cloth, and keeping it in the vault, blessings remain.

Moti conch

Although conch will be in everyone’s house, Dakshinavarti conch and pearl conch have different importance. The Modi conch shell is slightly shiny. If this conch shell is kept in the vault after worshiping it according to law, then money starts to last in the home, workplace, business place, and stores. Income starts increasing.

Garland of Kamalgatta

Among all the three sandalwoods, basil, and Kamalgatta, the garland of Kamalgatta must be kept in the house. Everything is meaningless without meaning. It is believed that the way to get money also opens with the garland of Kamalgatta. Lotus flowers are dear to Lakshmiji. Chanting is done with a rosary made of basil seeds or lotus seeds. It should be kept in the worship room and whenever you take the name of your presiding deity 108 times while rotating this garland, it will create a positive atmosphere and feelings in the house and mind.

Small coconut

Wrap those small coconuts in red cloth and keep them in the vault and immerse them in a river or pond on the second day of Diwali, Lakshmi resides in your house for a long time. After immersion, another small coconut can be kept in the vault. However, there are many other uses for the miniature coconut. Wealth and prosperity are maintained by keeping it in the house. Apart from this, Ekakshi coconut is also considered to be the form of Sakshat Lakshmi, which is why first of all keeping it in the house brings wealth, along with it many types of problems go away automatically.


However, before keeping this miraculous stone, it is necessary to ask an expert. It is believed that wearing Hakik removes all kinds of obstacles. It is said that one who has real Hakik never remains poor. Hakik is found in many colors like red, yellow, white, black, etc. Everyone’s importance is different. The hakik which has white stripes is considered the best. It is believed that keeping Hakik in or near the house increases good fortune and destroys poverty. There is no crisis of any kind because of this.

Solid Silver Elephant

Keeping it in the house also has a miraculous effect. According to astrology, there is no bad effect of Rahu and Ketu, as well as there is progress in a person’s business and job. Keeping this holy elephant keeps peace and happiness and prosperity in the house. Many people keep the idol of Ganesha, so it also gets the same benefit, but the idol should be of solid silver.

Natural wooden flower

This holy flower is mostly found in South India. If you keep it in water for a while, it will bloom completely. Then you can put it in a vase. As it dries up, it will also close its petals. It is a wonderful flower. It goes on like this for years. If you keep it in water, it will bloom again. Its petals look like wood. Staying in its house keeps positive energy.


Yellow cowry is considered as holy symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. Soak some white pennies in saffron or turmeric solution, tie them in a red cloth, and keep them in the safe located in the house. Always keep two pennies in your pocket as well, it will bring wealth.


The holy flute made of bamboo is very dear to Lord Krishna. In the house where a flute is kept, mutual love remains among the people there, and along with it, happiness and prosperity also remain. The flute has been described as an indicator of your progress and progress. The flute also removes Vastudosh present in the house. The importance of flutes made of bamboo is very high. Crossing two flutes at the entrance of the house keeps the troubles away to a great extent.

Horse’s shoe

It is said that having a horse’s shoe not only ends Saturn’s wrath but also removes misfortune and brings happiness to life. By installing the holy horseshoe in the house, one gets freedom from witchcraft and the evil eye.

A silver pot full of coins

A small silver pot filled with new or old coins of copper, silver, brass, or bronze is very holy. Keeping it in the vault of the house or a safe place increases wealth and prosperity. This happens in many people’s homes. If you do not have it in your house, then you also get it made.

Cat’s umbilical cord

It is believed that the holy umbilical cord of a cat works as a Lakshmi Yantra, considered holy. If it is taken care of, then one will not have to face poverty in life. The umbilical cord of a cat is miraculous and full of powers in itself. But let us tell you that a cat’s jerboa is very difficult and lucky.

Lion’s Nail

It is believed that wearing a lion’s nail around the neck can change luck overnight. According to old legends, if the lion’s nail is worn around the neck, then the person’s luck also becomes very strong. Money, wealth, and glory start coming to him and he starts growing big fast.

Snake’s Skin

It is considered holy and auspicious to see a snake’s skin in a dream. On the other hand, if a two-faced snake is seen in the house, then it is a sign that Kuber is kind to you. Keeping the snake’s skin in the house is also considered auspicious. By doing this there is no shortage of money in the house.

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