Mysterious creatures mentioned in Hindu scriptures


Some mysterious creatures have been mentioned in Mahabharata, Ramayana, and Puranas. Which does not exist in today’s time. These creatures are such that it is difficult to believe in today’s time, because not only can they talk, but they also have miraculous powers with them. To believe in them or not, depends on faith. We tell you about some such creatures mentioned in the scriptures

Ichchadhari Nagkanya

In the Mahabharat a, Arjuna married a snake girl from Patal Lok whose name was Ulupi. She was a widow. Before marrying Arjuna, Ulupi was married to a serpent, who was eaten by Garuda. Arjuna and the serpent girl Ulupi were the sons of Aravan who has a temple in South India and Kinnar considers him as her husband. Bhima’s son Ghatotkach was also married to a snake girl whose name was Ahilavati.



It is believed that there was a species of vultures (Garuda) that were considered intelligent. This is the vehicle of Lord Vishnu. It has been said that it was a powerful, wondrous, and mysterious bird. Prajapati Kashyap’s wife Vinata had two sons – Garuda and Arun. Garuda went to the shelter of Vishnu and Arun became the charioteer of Surya.

Ucchaishrava Ghoda

There were many horses, but the white-colored Ucchaishrava horse was considered the fastest and most flying horse. Ucchai – Shrava has many meanings, such as one who has high fame, who has high ears or who is the king of horses.


A cow also emerged from the churning of the ocean, which was called Kamdhenu. Earlier whoever had this cow used to get miraculous benefits in every way. Every work of man used to be successful even by the sight of this cow. The milk of the Kamdhenu cow, which had attained divine powers, was also considered nectar. Wherever she used to live, the opulence of that place never ended.

Sampati and Jatayu

Both these birds were in the time of Ram. Sampati and Jatayu According to these Puranas, Sampati was big and Jatayu was small. Both of them used to serve sage Nishakar who lived at the foothills of Vindhyachal mountain. There is a temple of Giddharaj Jatayu in Dandakaranya of Chhattisgarh. According to local belief, the battle between Ravana and Jatayu took place in the sky of Dandakaranya.

Airavat hathi

Airavat was the king of white elephants. Ira means water. Hence the elephant born from ‘Iravat’ (ocean) is named ‘Airavat’. However, because of being the son of Iravati, he has been called ‘Airavat’. This elephant was one of the 14 valuables that emerged during the churning of the ocean by the gods and asuras. Airavat was given to Indra at the time of distribution of gems obtained from churning.


There is not much contradiction between cobra species and cobra found in India. All are children of sage Kashyap. According to the Puranas, there was the rule of sage Kashyap in Kashmir. Even today there are places in Kashmir named Anantnag, Sheshnag, etc. Sheshnag had accepted to be the bed of Lord Vishnu. It is considered a snake with many hoods. There is also a belief on which the earth rests.


Hanumanji was born before the birth of Ram, which means Hanumanji was born about 7129 years ago today. Researchers say that evidence has been found that such a unique monkey species existed in India 9 lakh years ago.


In the Ramayana period, there were also bear-like creatures. Jambavant is an example of this. Jambavant was also from Devkul. Bear or bear is a mammalian animal of the Ursidae family. Now only 8 species are left. In Sanskrit, the bear is called ‘ricksha’ from which the word ‘reech’ is derived. But these bears cannot talk to humans.

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