Miraculous Benefits of Shiva’s Favourite Plant Cannabis (Bhang)


Cannabis (Bhang)

Miraculous medicinal properties and Ayurvedic remedies of Lord Shiva’s favourite plant, Cannabis (Bhang)!! 

Cannabis (Bhang) is generally considered an intoxicating plant, which people use for fun. But very few people know that the hemp plant loved by Lord Shiva is full of medicinal properties. Hemp is obtained from the resin extracted from the inflorescences located in the female plants of cannabis. A chemical called cannabinol is found in hemp plants. Cannabis is expectorant and choleretic.

Be it the day of Shivratri or the festival of colours, Holi, many people drink bhang on this day. The fun of playing with colours after drinking Bhang is different. Everyone knows about losing consciousness after drinking Bhang, but do you know that there are some benefits to drinking Bhang?
Addiction to cannabis, Hashish, or Ganja harms the body. But its correct dosage can prevent many diseases. Science has also confirmed this.

Miraculous Benefits of Shiva's Favourite Plant Cannabis (Bhang)

Why does Shiv Ji Love the Cannabis (Bhang) Plant?

In India, some foolish and drug-addicted people to commit their mistakes, destroy themselves, or hide their bad habits, have associated this plant with Lord Shiv Shankar for intoxication. You might have often heard people say that this is Bhole Shankar Prasad. There is no harm in taking Prasad.
But we tell you that this plant is dear to Lord Shankar because there are countless miraculous medicinal properties present in this plant. which many diseases can be treated.


Just think about whether cannabis is just an intoxicant; if these thoughts come to your mind, then mourn your foolishness.

What Rigved Say About Hemp?

According to the Rigveda, hemp is one of the divine herbs present on earth. Which God uses to make Somras. Somras, which has been described in the Vedas as Drinks to be enjoyed and praised by the Gods, And it has also been said that hemp is a medicine as effective as nectar for the living beings on earth.
Cannabis is a part of Shiva. Which was taken by Shiva to calm the burning sensation of Kalkoot poison. Now say that Rigveda is imagination and Shiva is false.


In Atharvaveda, the hemp plant has also been given the respect of five revered plants. It has been said that it eliminates anxiety, worry, tension, and worry.

Sushruta Samhita:

According to this, hemp has been described as a very potent herb with medicinal properties. Its use has been said to be one of the best in the treatment of catarrh, cough, diarrhoea, depression, and anxiety.

Medical Compendium (11th century) (Vangsen):

According to this, cannabis has been described as a useful medicine for digestion. And it is also said that it is helpful in living a long and happy life.

In Ayurveda, cannabis is addressed as Vijaya, and in Tantra as Samvid.

Medicinal Properties of Cannabis

1.) Earache:

Putting 8–10 drops of cannabis juice in the ear kills insects and relieves earache.

2.) Prevention from dizziness:

In 2013, researchers at Virginia’s Commonwealth University proved that the elements found in marijuana can prevent epilepsy attacks. This research was also published in Science magazine. According to the report, cannabinoid compounds connect the cells of the part of the brain that gives a person a feeling of peace.

3.) Relief in Glaucoma:

According to the National Eye Institute of America, Cannabis eliminates the symptoms of glaucoma. In this disease, the retina becomes larger and starts pressing the nerves related to vision. This causes vision problems. Marijuana relieves pressure on the optic nerve.

4.) Prevention of Alzheimer’s:

According to research published in the journal related to Alzheimer’s, small doses of tetrahydrocannabinol found in the hemp plant slow down the growth of amyloid. Amyloid kills brain cells and is responsible for Alzheimer’s. Hemp oil was used during the research.

5.) Effect on cancer:

In 2015, the US government finally admitted that cannabis is capable of fighting cancer. This stops the blood cells necessary for tumour growth. Cannabinoids successfully treat colon cancer, breast cancer, and liver cancer.

6.) Effective in chemotherapy:

It has become clear in many research studies that proper use of cannabis removes the side effects of chemotherapy like runny nose, vomiting, and loss of appetite. The FDA, the drug-approving agency in America, has already approved giving medicines containing cannabinoids to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy several years ago.

7.) Pain reliever:

Most people suffering from diabetes suffer damage to the nerves of their hands or feet. Due to this, a burning sensation is experienced in some parts of the body. Research at the University of California revealed that cannabis provides relief from pain caused by nerve damage.

8.) Relief from the side effects of Hepatitis C:

Fatigue, runny nose, muscle pain, loss of appetite, and depression are the side effects seen in the treatment of hepatitis C. According to the European Journal of Gastrology and Hepatology, 86 % of patients could complete the treatment of hepatitis C with the help of cannabis. It was believed that cannabis reduced the side effects.

9.) Cannabis is effective for coughing and asthma.

10.) Muscle pain:

Dieticians and sports nutritionists say that alcohol has no benefits, but there are some benefits to drinking cannabis in limited quantities. Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties that work effectively to reduce muscle pain.

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