Learn the story of Narayan’s Hayagriva incarnation


According to the scriptures, the Hayagriva incarnation of Lord Vishnu took place on the full moon day of the month of Shravan. In this incarnation of Lord Vishnu, he had the head of a horse and the rest of the body was of a human. Lord Vishnu did this incarnation to retrieve the Vedas that were chosen by the demons. On this day devotees of Lord Vishnu perform special worship of his Hayagriva avatar to get the blessings of knowledge. Let us know the story of the incarnation of Lord Hayagriva.

Story of Hayagriva Avatar of Lord Vishnu

Once upon a time, there was a supremely mighty demon named Hayagriva. He went to the banks of river Saraswati and did a very harsh penance for the happiness of Bhagwati Mahamaya. He kept on chanting the Mayabij Ekakshar Mahamantra of Bhagwati without eating anything for many days. His senses were under his control. He had quit all pleasures. Pleased with his hard penance, Bhagwati appeared to him in the form of Tamasi Shakti and asked him to take a boon.


Then the demon asked the goddess for this boon

After hearing Bhagwati’s speech full of kindness and love, his eyes were filled with tears of joy. Praising Bhagwati, he said, Kalyanamayi Devi! Greetings to you. You are Mahamaya. It is your natural trait to create, maintain and destroy. Nothing is impossible by your grace. If you are pleased with me, please grant me the boon of immortality. Devi said, ”Demon Raj! One who is born in the world, his death is certain. This is law of nature. No one is immortal. Immortal gods also have to go to the land of death when their merit is over. Ask for a boon other than immortality.

When the goddess refused to give boon

Hayagriva said, I want to die with hands of same as me from a Hayagriva. Others may not kill me. Bhagwati disappeared by fulfilling the boon. Hayagriva went to his home experiencing immense joy. He became invincible due to boon from the goddess. No one in world could kill him. He snatched the Vedas from Brahma ji and started torturing the gods and sages. Yagyadi Karma stopped and the system of creation started deteriorating.

Then the gods reached the shelter of Lord Vishnu

Brahmadi Devta went to Lord Vishnu, but he was engrossed in Yognidra. Brahma Ji created Vamri worm to wake him up. The worm cut the string of the bow. At that time there was a terrible sound and Lord Vishnu’s head was cut off and disappeared. There was no limit to the sorrow of the gods on seeing the torso of the headless God. Everyone praised Bhagwati after seeing this strange incident. Bhagwati appeared. He said, “Gods don’t worry, you will be blessed by my grace. Brahma ji should cut off the head of a horse and attach it to the trunk of God. This will make the Hayagriva incarnation of God. He will kill the evil Hayagriva in the same form.” Saying this Bhagwati disappeared.

Then Lord Hayagriva killed the demon

According to Bhagwati’s statement, at that very moment, Brahma ji took off the head of a horse and attached it to the torso of God. By the grace of Bhagwati, at that moment Lord Vishnu became Hayagrivatar. Then there was a fierce battle between God with the demon Hayagriva. At last, Hayagriva died at the hands of God. After killing Hayagriva, God re-dedicated the Vedas to Brahma ji and solved the problems of gods and sages.

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