Know some interesting facts related to Mandodari


Mandodari, a prominent character of the Ramayana, was the daughter of the demon king Mayasur and the wife of Lankapati Ravana. She was one of the Panchkanya
Ahalya Draupadi Tara Kunti Mandodari and.
Panchkanya: Smretannityam Mahapatkanasham ॥
Today in this article we will learn about some interesting and unheard-of things related to Mandodari.

Story of Mandodari’s previous birth

According to a legend recorded in Hindu Puranas, once an Apsara named Madhura reached Mount Kailash and not finding Goddess Parvati there, she tried to attract Lord Shiva. Only then Goddess Parvati reaches there and in anger curses this Apsara that she will stay in the well as a frog for 12 years. Mother Parvati told Madhura on repeated sayings of Lord Shiva that she can come back to her original form only after severe penance.

Madhura does severe penance for a long time. Meanwhile, the god of the Asuras, Mayasur, and his Apsara wife Hema do penance to get a daughter. Meanwhile, Madhura’s harsh penance frees her from the curse. Madhura’s voice is heard by Mayasur-Hema from a well. Mayasur pulls Madhura out of the well and adopts her as his daughter. Mayasur names his adopted daughter Mandodari. Whom Ravana later marries.


Ravana-Mandodari marriage

Once Ravana came to meet Mayasura and saw his beautiful daughter there, he fell in love with her. Ravana expressed his desire to marry Mandodari, which Mayasura refused. But Ravana did not give up and forcibly married Mandodari.

Mandodari knew that Ravana was extremely powerful, so she agreed to marry Ravana to protect her father. Ravana and she had three sons, Akshay Kumar, Meghnad, and Atikaya. Ravana was very arrogant, she knew that the path he was walking would lead to nothing but destruction. She tried a lot to make Ravana walk on the right path, but nothing happened.

Mandodari wanted Ravana to send Sita, the wife of Lord Rama, to her husband. Because she knew about the curse according to which Ravana was to end at the hands of Lord Rama.

But when the Rama-Ravana war took place, then like a good wife she supported her husband and sent him to the battlefield with the wish of Ravana’s return alive, recognizing her as a devoted woman.

She had married Vibhishan after killing Ravana

Mandodari, the queen of Golden Lanka, is one such character of Ramayana who has never been properly known. Her identity was always limited to the wife of Lankapati Ravana and after the death of Ravana, her chapter was also ended. Very few people would know what happened to Mandodari after Ravana was killed.

Mandodari reaches the battlefield after the slaying of Ravana. Here, along with husband and son, seeing the dead bodies of their near and dear ones, they get drowned in mourning. Here Shriram reminds her that she is still the queen of Lanka and the widow of the all-powerful Ravana. After this she returns to Lanka.

According to a legend, Mandodari imprisons herself in the palace in the grief of her husband and son. They completely cut off contact with the outside world. During this, Vibhishana takes over the throne of Lanka. Many years later, she again steps out of her palace and prepares to marry Vibhishana. After marriage, Mandodari along with Vibhishan took the kingdom of Lanka forward in the right direction. Mandodari-Vibhishan marriage is based on legends. It is also described in some texts that after the death of Ravana, Mandodari had become Sati along with Ravana’s dead body.

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