Know magical secrets of the Pyramids


From today 4 to 5 thousand years ago, Pyramids were built in almost every corner of the world at the same time. This was the same period when the pyramids were built in Egypt. This was the period when ancient civilizations like Egypt, Sumeria, Babylonia, Mesopotamia, Assyria, Mehrgarh, Indus, Persia, etc were at the peak of their development.

Swastik itself is a pyramid

Swastik was invented by the Aryans and it spread all over the world. But did you know that the swastika itself is a pyramid? In Hinduism, Swastika is considered a symbol of power, good fortune, prosperity, and auspiciousness. Swastik is used to correct the Vastu of the house. The symbol of Swastik is counted among the lucky things. The negative energy of the house goes out with the use of a swastika.

North and South Hemisphere of Pyramids

Scientists researching pyramids say that all pyramids are built on the North-South Axis. All of them were made knowing the influence of the northern and southern hemispheres. Has gone. It has a special relation with geomagnetism and cosmic waves. The line joining the north and south hemispheres is the magnetic line of the Earth. Magnetic forces are directly related to electric waves, which shows that the pyramid has an unprecedented ability to store magnetic rays present in the magnetosphere scattered in the universe.

These rays get collected and exert their effect on the objects or living beings present inside. The use of granite stone in these constructions also can absorb micro waves. This proves that the ancient people knew its importance. This means that there must be a difference in the quality and age of the object or creature kept in the pyramid. Does religion change the quality of the things kept in the pyramid?

According to experts, due to the shape of the pyramid being on the north-south axis, it is capable of creating an energetic environment within itself by absorbing the known and unknown powers prevailing in the universe, which is capable of creating an energetic environment, which is capable of supporting all kinds of living or dead, inert and animate.

It affects things

Domestic pyramids began with the experiments of the French scientist Mosier Boxy. It is believed that the qualities of the things kept in any type of pyramid change, that is, if any food item is kept in any kind of small, big, wooden, or only paper pyramid, then its qualities will change and it will be saved from rotting for a long time. That is why the ancient people used to keep the dead bodies of their relatives in pyramids.


For the experiment, it is said that the thing which is to be kept inside a small or big pyramid, good results can be obtained by keeping it in the middle of the pyramid at a height of about 2-3 inches from the base. The magical effect of the pyramid is maximum on the things kept in the central area inside the pyramid. This area is located in the middle of the pyramid at one-third of its total height.

Pyramids are perfect example of balance

Determining the correct direction of the pyramid is very important, so it is necessary to keep the pyramid in the north-south direction while using it. If the pyramid is not used by mistake keeping it in the right direction, then the person sitting in it may get a headache. Medical experts doing research in this context say that keeping the patient of headaches and toothache in the right direction inside the pyramid. They become pain-free when seated. Arthritis, gout, and chronic pain also go away with the effect of cosmic energy condensed in this structure. The study of the effect of the pyramid on trees and plants has also concluded that when the same type of plants are kept inside and outside the environment, they grow much faster inside the pyramid. Its energy waves have a subtle and intense effect on the growth of plants.

It can cure body ailments

Those who drink the water kept inside the pyramid have been seen to get some relief from digestive diseases. When this water is applied to the skin, it is beneficial in removing wrinkles. This water is also used for quick healing of wounds. On the other hand, some experiments and tests have also been done on the seekers who meditate while sitting inside the pyramid. It has been found that on sitting inside it one gets rid of stress easily and there is a feeling of infusing a new energy in the body. When any kind of sound or music is played inside the pyramid, its sound keeps resonating for a long time. Due to this, strange types of vibrations are created on the body of the people present there, which gives peace to both mind and body. If the seeds are kept inside the pyramid for some time before sowing, they germinate quickly and well. Sick and lethargic plants can also be cured and stimulated by pyramids.

Pyramids have been built in many places in the world, similar to the pyramids of Egypt

Although the construction of pyramids like Egypt is not possible even today. To date, scientists and historians could not know this inexplicable puzzle that what kind of technology and materials were used in the construction of pyramids. It is surprising that even after thousands of years, these pyramids are safe and their brightness remains intact.

Pyramids of Egypt

When it comes to pyramids, the pyramids of Egypt are discussed more. Why so? Because they are still well preserved while the pyramids of India, China, and Central Asia were destroyed in the war. The pyramids of Egypt are the shrines of the old lost civilization which have now turned into mausoleums. There are 138 pyramids in Egypt and three in Giza, a suburb of Cairo. Although there are still so many more pyramids buried in the ground. The ‘Great Pyramid’ of Giza is included in the list of 7 wonders of the ancient world. This pyramid is 450 feet high. It has been the tallest structure in the world for almost 4,000 years.

India also has pyramids in Assam

There are 39 world-famous tombs of Ahom kings in Chardio of Shibsagar district of Assam. This area is called ‘modem’. It is said that their shape is also pyramidal and the treasure of the Ahom kings is kept in them. The Ahom kings ruled from 1226 to 1828. After the end of their rule, the Mughals launched several campaigns to loot their treasures, but they were not successful. The Ahom rulers use to sleep in the tombs built in these pyramids. Whoever tried to wake up these kings, had to sleep in death. Such a world of mystery and wealth is wrapped around these modem. Whoever drew the line of destruction on those graves, death embraced him.

Pyramids in America

The ancient Mayan civilization of America was established in Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, and the Yucatan Peninsula. It was an agriculture-based civilization. The Maya civilization was at its peak between 250 AD to 900 AD. As such, evidence of settlement has been found in this area from 10,000 years before Christ. Villages had also started settling in the coastal areas of the Pacific Ocean from 1800 years before Christ.

But some archaeologists believe that the Maya began to build ritual buildings some 1,000 years before Christ, and built many complexes by 600 years before Christ. Between 250 and 900, building construction took place on a large scale, cities were settled. Their most notable buildings are the pyramids, which they built as religious centers. But then after 900, these cities of the Maya civilization began to decline and the cities became empty.

Pyramids in Antarctica

According to the website of Radio Russia, scientists from America and Europe discovered 3 pyramids in icy Antarctica in 2013, out of which 1 pyramid is near the beach, but 2 pyramids are in the sea 16 kilometers away from the coast are drowned. All these three pyramids are built by humans, because thousands of years ago, instead of being icy, this area of Antarctica was full of plants and greenery. Man lived here in those days. There used to be dense forests on the land of Antarctica and different types of animals also lived there. Today, a large part of the continent of Antarctica is covered with a thick layer of ice.

Construction of ancient temples similar to Pyramid

If you see the construction of ancient temples or today’s South Indian temples, you will know that all were somewhat pyramidal-shaped. In front of the temples of South India or the four corners, pyramid-shaped gopuras have been built with the aim that the person gets full energy from it. These gopuras and shikhara have been built in such a way that a huge and natural cover of cosmic energy is created around the devotees visiting the temple. You know that the huts of sages were also of the same size. The roofs of ancient houses were also similar. Even today only pyramidal houses are found in rural areas.

Why dead bodies were kept in Pyramids ?

The dead bodies (mummies) kept at the height of total height of the pyramids are undisturbed to date. The flow of light, climate, and energy remains in a balanced form in the pyramid, due to which nothing gets distorted. The people of ancient times knew this secret. That’s why they used to make their tombs pyramidal and give them such a grand shape that they could last for thousands of years. However, it will take more time to know what is inside the world-famous pyramid of Giza in Egypt. There is no way to go inside it. Sir Seaman, who reached the top of the Great Pyramid with the help of an Arabic guide, revealed that the Great Pyramid is related to nature lightning also. Similarly, not only in the pyramid of Giza, the pyramids around the world are still wrapped in a sheet of various magics and mystery.

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