Know about 10 mysterious and divine Mani


Many types of miraculous Manis also called Gems are mentioned in Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Puranas. Hades is always illuminated by the aura of gems. Sarpraj Vasuki has the authority over all types of gems. Mani is a kind of shining stone. Whoever had the Mani could do anything.

Mani are considered to be more valuable than ordinary diamonds. There is a great man named Manibhadra among the Jains. It is believed that Chintamani is worn by Lord Brahma himself. Lord Shankar wears Rudramani. Lord Vishnu wears Kaustubh Mani. It is to be known that Ashwatthama had a gem by which he became powerful and immortal. Ravana had snatched the Mani named Chandrakanta from Kubera. Also Gods bear Mani.

Due to the importance of gems, the name of a state of India is Manipur. Manipur Chakra is also one of the 7 chakras located in the body. Many stories and legends related to Mani are prevalent in the society. Apart from this, mythological texts are also full of stories of Mani. Let’s know about the top 10 Mani.

Paras Mani

Paras Mani is mentioned a lot in mythological and folk tales. Light is visible at night in a well in Danwara village, 70 km from where the diamond mine is located in Madhya Pradesh’s Panna district. People believe that there is Paras Mani in the well. The fame of Paras Mani and the belief in its existence among people is so much that there are many such places in India which are known by the name of Paras. Some people have Paras names even today.

By touching any iron object with Paras Mani, it used to turn into gold. Iron can also be cut with this. It is said that crows recognize it and it is found only around the Himalayas. Only the sages of the Himalayas know how to find the Paras Mani, because they know how to force the crows to find it.


Neelam known as Sapphire is a mysterious gem. Whoever has the real sapphire gets the happiness of land, building, vehicle and royalty in life. But there is a difference between Saturn’s gem blue sapphire and blue sapphire. In Sanskrit, Neelam is also known as Indranil, Trishagrahi Neelmani.

A real sapphire or neelam emits blue or violet light, which spreads far and wide. The world’s largest sapphire of 888 carats is in Sri Lanka, whose value has been estimated at around 14 crores.


Types of Sapphire- 1. Jalneel, 2. Indranil.

There is also a sapphire mountain in India. Sapphire is found in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Earlier there was rule of Nagvanshis in Kashmir. Sapphire pure color is the color of peacock’s neck. It is said that the original ‘Neelmani’ is kept in the Pashupatinath temple of Nepal. However, how much truth is there in whether Neelam is beneficial or not, it cannot be said from the claim.


Lord Sheshnag wears Nagmani. Tales of Nagmani are prevalent among the common people in Indian mythology and folklore. Nagmani is only with snakes. The mystery of Nagmani remains unsolved even today. Although there are many stories of Manidhar Nag in the Puranas. Lord Krishna also had an encounter with a similar snake.

Stories of Nag, Nagmani and Nagkanya are found in Chhattisgarhi literature and folklore. Manuj descends into the water through Nagmani. The specialty of Nagmani is that water gives way to it. After this, the courageous Manuj gets the snake girl after defeating the snake in the palace.

Miracles of Nagmani: It is said about Nagmani that whoever possesses it changes his luck. It is said that Nagmani has supernatural powers. Even a diamond pales in front of its brilliance. According to the belief, whoever possesses the Nagmani also gets supernatural powers and that person also becomes wealthy. The existence of a gem is like the existence of Aladdin’s lamp. However, no one knows how much truth is there in this.

Kaustubh Mani

Lord Vishnu wears Kaustubh Mani. Kaustubh Mani was originated during the churning of ocean. According to the Puranas, this gem was one of the 14 precious gems obtained during the churning of the ocean. It is a very shining gem. Wherever this gem is, there is no divine calamity of any kind. This gem protects from all kinds of troubles. It is believed that even today this gem is found at the bottom of the sea or underworld.

Chandrakanta Mani

In India, only its sub-stone is available in the name of Chandrakanta Mani. Wearing this gem increases luck. Any kind of serious accidents can be avoided. With this, married life is also spent happily. The top stone of Chandrakanta gem is as clear as transparent water. It is a gem related to the Moon.

It is believed that whoever possesses the real Chandrakanta gem, his life turns around like a miracle. To say that his fortune suddenly changes.

It is said that there is Chandrakanta Mani is in the Baijnath temple of Jharkhand. This gem was studded here by demon king Ravana from Lankapuri, the capital of Dhankuber.

In Shushruta Samhita, there is mention of moon rays as a remedy, in which the main one is the mention of the wonderful Chandrakanta gem. An important feature of this gem is that when it is kept in the presence of moon rays, water starts dripping from it. This water has many wonderful medicinal properties.

Syamantaka Mani

Syamantaka Mani is worn by Lord Indra. It is said that in ancient times Kohinoor was called Syamantaka Mani. According to many sources, the Kohinoor diamond was found about 5,000 years ago and was known as the Syamantaka gem in ancient Sanskrit chronicles. Kohinoor diamond is the king of all the diamonds in the world. It remained with the Kshatriya rulers of India for a long time, then it came into the hands of the Mughals. After this the British acquired it and now this diamond is kept in the British Museum. However, how true is it that the Kohinoor diamond is the Syamantaka gem? This can be a subject of research. It is a wonder gem.

Lord Krishna had to fight for this gem. He had to fight Jambavant not for the gem but to disprove the allegation of stealing the gem against him. Actually, this gem was with Satrajit, the father of Lord Krishna’s wife Satyabhama and was given to him by Lord Surya.

Story of this Mani

Satrajit had kept this gem in his Devghar. From there wearing that gem, his brother Prasenjit went for hunting. A lion killed him and his horse in the forest and kept the gem with him. Seeing the gem near the lion, Jambavantji killed the lion and took it from him and went to his cave with that gem, where he gave it to his son as a toy. Here Satrajit accused Shri Krishna that he had stolen this gem. Then Shri Krishna had to fight with Jambavantji to get this gem. Later, when Jambavant started losing in the war, he called out to his Lord Shri Ram and after hearing his call, Shri Krishna had to appear in his form of Ram. Then Jambavant surrendered and accepted his mistake and he also gave the gem and requested Shri Krishna to marry my daughter Jambavati.

From the union of Jambavati-Krishna, a great son was born, who was named Samba. It was because of this Samba that the Krishna clan was destroyed. Shri Krishna said that only a celibate and restrained person has the right to keep this gem as a heritage, so Shri Krishna gave that gem to Akrurji. He said Akrur, keep it with you only. The beauty of this divine gem is only in being with a complete self-controller like you. Seeing the humility of Shri Krishna, Akrura bowed down.

Sphatik Mani

Sphatik Gem is shiny of white colour. It is easily available. Still its genuineness should be checked. There is also a crystal gem ring. Most of the people wear rhinestone beads. Although there are some special rules for wearing rhinestone, otherwise it can prove to be harmful.

By wearing this one gets happiness, peace, patience, wealth, wealth, form, strength, semen, fame, brilliance and intelligence and by chanting any mantra on its garland, that mantra becomes proven soon. Many miracles of rhinestone are described in the texts of astrologers.

Lajavart Mani

The color of this gem is like the neck of a peacock, with golden splashes of blue-black colour. This gem is also rarely found.

By wearing Lajavart gem, there is an increase in strength, intelligence and fame. It is believed that by duly wearing it on Tuesday, there is no fear of ghosts, ghosts, vampires, demons, snakes etc.

Uluk Mani

There is a saying about Uluk Mani that this gem is found in the owl bird’s nest. Although no one has seen it yet. It is believed that its color is beige.

It is a legend that if a blind person is taken to a dark place and ignited the island and applies this gem to his eye, he can see. Actually it is beneficial in increasing eye light.

Main gems are considered to be 9

Ghrit Mani, Oil Mani, Bhishmak Mani, Upalak Mani, Sphatik Mani, Paras Mani, Uluk Mani, Lajavart Mani, Masar Mani.

  • Children can be protected from evil eye by wearing a garland of aloe vera.
  • Lakshmi never gets angry by wearing this gem.
  • Wearing oil gem increases strength and manhood.
  • Bhishmak Mani is helpful in increasing wealth-grains.
  • The person who wears the Upalak gem attains devotion and yoga.
  • Eye diseases can be cured by wearing Uluk gem.
  • Wearing Lajavart gem increases intelligence.
  • Wearing Masar gem reduces the effect of water and fire.

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