King Vikram – Betal and lord Shiva’s boon


In ancient times there used to be an ideal king named Vikramaditya. King Vikram was famous for his courage, bravery, and bravery. It is also said that King Vikram used to roam around the Ujjain in disguise in the wee hours of the night to know the miseries of his subjects. And also used to remove the sorrows of the sorrowful. We all have heard the famous story of Vikram-Betal. The ancient literature talk “Betal Pachisi” was composed by the great poet Somdev Bhatt 2500 years ago. And according to that, King Vikram tried twenty-five times to take Betal down from the tree, and each time Betal narrated a new story to King Vikram on the way.

Who was Betal ?

A tantric performs the tantric ritual of sacrificing a healthy Brahmin son with thirty-two symptoms. So that his demonic powers will increase further. That’s why he follows a Brahmin’s son to kill him. But that Brahmin son runs away to the forest and there he meets a ghost, who gives powers to the Brahmin son to escape from that Tantrik and asks him to hang upside down on a tree in the form of a ghost. And also says that as long as he stays on that tree, Tantrik will not be able to kill him. The same Brahmin son was “Betal”.


Tantrik lays a trap

The hypocrite Tantrik creates the image of a mendicant yogi. And listening to the stories of King Vikram’s might and bravery, he lays a trap to get his work done. And the king sends a delicious fruit offering to Vikram every day during the journey. Inside which there is a precious gem ruby. To find out this difference, King Vikram searches for that monk. Eventually, King Vikram finds him.

King Vikram goes to bring Betal

Since that impostor beggar does not have the power to bring Betal himself, he creates a farce and asks King Vikram to bring Betal, the ghost hanging on that tree. King Vikram, unaware of the real intention of that Tantrik, sets out to do his work.

The start of Betal Pachisi

King Vikram used to take Betal off the tree every time and used to take him to that beggar. Due to the long way, every time Betal starts telling the story, and puts a condition that after listening to the story, if King Vikram does not give a meaningful answer to his question, then he will kill King Vikram. And if King Vikram opened his mouth to answer, he would get angry and go back to his tree and hang himself upside down. This happened for 25 times.

What happened after 25th story ?

The king came to the hermit with a dead body. Yogi was very happy to see the king and the dead. Said, “O king! You have done me a great favor by doing this difficult task. You are truly the best of all kings. Having said this, he took the dead body off his shoulders, bathed it, and decorated it with garlands of flowers. Then by invoking Betal with mantra-power, worshiped him. After worship, he said to the king, “O king! You salute him by bowing your head.

King came to know tantrik intentions

The king recalled the conversation with Betal. He said, “I am the king, I have never bowed down to anyone. You tell by bowing your head first. As soon as Yogi bowed his head, the king cut off his head with a sword. Betal was very happy. Said, “Rajan, this Yogi wanted to become the master of Vidyadharas. Now you will be. I have surprised you a lot. Ask for whatever you want.

Betal’s Boon

The king said, “If you are happy with me, then I pray that the twenty-four stories you told, and this twenty-fifth, become famous all over the world and people read them with respect in coming times.” Betal said, “It will be so. These stories will be known as Betal Pachisi and for those who read them, their sins will be removed.

Lord Shiva’s boon

After saying this Betal went away. After he left, Shivaji appeared and said, “Rajan, you did well to kill this evil monk. Now you will soon establish a kingdom over the seven islands and the whole earth including Hades.

After that Shivaji disappeared. After completing the work, the king came to the city from the crematorium. In a few days, he became the king of the whole earth and reigned happily for a long time, and finally merged with God.

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