King Paimon was worshipped despite being a devil


You must have heard about Chhalawa many times before. While walking with your elders or at some lonely place, you must have come across such an incident which is still a puzzle for you. Illusion is such a power that creates an illusion of something happening to people in a deserted place and due to this accident or something bad happens to them. In Western culture, it is known as King paimon.

Who is King Paimon ?

He is one of the 8 powerful kings of Hell and one of Lucifer’s loyalists. Its powers are mysterious even today because it plays with people’s minds and is worshiped by people even after being a devil. Chhalawa playing with our mind makes us appear close to us and keeps us away from people. When we are alone then it makes us its victim. It is such a power that is independent and hunts people only at a particular place.

King paimon, one of the powerful kings of hell, has a feminine face.

He is afraid of people as long as his love remains strong. Even after being a devil, the reason why it is worshiped by people is because it makes people prosperous. Those who believe in it, it does not let them have any kind of deficiency.

In Indian culture, the illusion is such a power that resides in deserted places and hunts people by creating a hallucinatory-like situation inside them.

How King Paimon makes people its victims ?

Illusion has no body or shape. It is not even a soul, it is a negative energy like Tulpa, which makes people its prey, and many times Tantrik harms someone by taking possession of it. This story related to cheating will be heard not only in India but also in Western culture, but the only difference is that their people worship him like a king Paimon so that they don’t face a shortage of money.

King Paimon’s depiction

King Paimon looks like a king who rides a camel. It has a snake crown on its head and Paimon appears to have a girl’s face instead of a man’s. For this reason, it does not live long in the body of girls and searches for the body of a boy.

It gives signs of its existence, which include the appearance of a divine snake to the people. This snake plays with the mind of the people and forces them to work according to their wishes. It doesn’t matter what you are offering him, it matters how much work you have done for him.

King Paimon describes himself as made of smokeless fire, according to which he can also be a species of Jinnat. Although according to his claim, he is the King of the Djinn, his stories are not similar anywhere.

King paimon can never connect with the emotion of humans. One of the greatest qualities of humans is the attachment of emotion like love between two people. In such a situation, he is never able to assist people. In other words, the love between two people is effective in keeping this evil illusion away from us.

Power of Paimon

King Paimon is an expert in mysteries and black magic. Big magicians worship it because they know that by doing this they can become great magicians and knowers of secrets.

He can activate the inner black flame inside you. We all have two powerful forces waiting to be awakened like Kundalini Shakti and Dark Force. Kundalini Shakti takes us toward righteousness, whereas this dark force takes us toward darkness. King Paimon can guide you to awaken it.

One thing is clear from all these facts that tell us about king paimon. This power is an expert in changing the minds of people. Another where in Indian culture we know it by the name of an illusion, in some places people consider it as a divine power. The reason is clear, people’s selfishness, which is easily fulfilled by agreement, not through devotion.

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